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Cademix Career Autopilot Agile Career Development Pathway for Job seekers in Europe FHD

Cademix introduces a new career autopilot system for jobseekers, graduates and students

Career Autopilot is an all-in-one personalized Career upgrade, coaching and mentoring system developed for professional job seekers, University freshers, postgraduates; no matter if the candidate is a fresh graduate or a professional with 10+ years’ experience. In this article we describe and compare the three variations of the program: (a) Career Autopilot Basic, (b) Career Autopilot Regular, and (c) Career Autopilot Plus.

3D printing part

3D Printing in Medical Industry

In this article I’m going to is to show how 3D printing plays a major role in the medical industry and how important is it. Read more in an article By Jyothsna Sai Swaroop Surisetty.

Lindah Awuor Best Career Choice Tips Cademix Magazine

Best Career Choice Tips

Settling for the best career choice is challenging to many. This article helps you by outline the tips to help you make the best tech career choice.

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