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Horizon Europe funding in different sectors

EU Public Funding for Companies and Remarkable Evaluation Criteria

So you want to know how research institutes, universities and SMEs get public funding in Europe? EU Public Funding is indeed a generous offer available to every one. But what are the Eligibility and evaluation Criteria. Read more in this Article by Anantha Sai Ram Pasupulati, and Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh, Cademix Institute of Technology

Akashy Toradmal Cademix Article Magazine SKills required for Material Engineers

Skills for material engineers and industrial requirements

In this article we review the skills for material engineers. The Industries hire engineers who have technical skills such as failure analysis, data analysis, as well as other skills such as management skills, soft skills and a lot more. This magazine article targets the public awareness and early career investigators.
By: Akashy Toradmal, Cademix Institute of Technology

Shashank Kadagala Acoustic Thermoplastic Polymers Article Cademix

Acoustic Thermoplastic Polymer Analysis

Acoustic Thermoplastic behavior is determined by calculating damping factor of the sample material which are compared in 2 methods. In this article, we compare the two methods pulse excitation and constant wave and compare the detail. An article by Shashank Kadagala.

Gas Emission Control Silencer Article Shreyash More

Gas Emission Control Silencer

This articles describes the working of Gas Emission Control silencer and also explains how it is better than all the other technologies available. Article by Shreyash More, Cademix Institute of Technology.

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