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Cademix Partnership Initiative

If you landed on this page, probably it’s because either you contacted us for a partnership, you applied for a representation role, or maybe we identified you as a potential partner. In this page you will find some details about the possibilities of a partnership. This page also includes the link to upcoming online meetings, and invitations to set up a 1-on-1 Meeting with Dr. Zarbakhsh, president of Cademix.

Work & Partnership during the Post-Covid & Pandemic Time ?

We hope you are doing well during the pandemic and you are ready for life and business during post-covid time. We know since the beginning of the 2020 , people lost many of their friends, jobs and businesses. But we know and we are very optimistic that if we improve the strength of our partnerships the things get better soon.

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Our criteria for a partnership

We have multiple types of partnership. However here we should start and focus on a topics with the highest priority, which is based on the full innovation cycle and for the representation purpose. Hopefully you can get the big picture, and you will see it is relevant to the whole society.

If you hear about it for the first time, you probably need carefully pay attention to the detailed description. You may also want to watch the videos and explainer animations, and discuss it internally with your team. Of course we will also invite you to join one of the upcoming meetings to discuss the rest. The details of the invitation to online meetup and to set up an appointment is included at the end of the page.

Talking about our Cademix initiatives or working and collaboration with Cademix Institute of Technology, we are looking for international partners (Academic, Industry, Agents, Agencies, and Individuals) to join us as partners, business developers, channel managers, or regional representatives. The requirement is relatively simple and straightforward. You just need to have some relevant skills and expertise (Business, Tech, Marketing/Sales expertise) or a good network. So, that’s why we identified many professionals and we are actively contacting people. The same applies if you initiated the discussion and applied for any of the opportunities.

Our Uniqueness is that we try to quickly upgrade the skill-set of the individuals and businesses, and offer them a personalized guaranteed success either with job placement or with business growth. Our competitors are traditional universities, traditional business consultants and the traditional head hunters, who cannot offer an active acceleration in these difficult times.  - Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh

Cademix approach compared with traditional universities

University degree programs are usually based on a curriculum. The course contents are not changing very frequently, because the universities are very much interested in offering fundamental knowledge to the students. Also they need to make sure that  the qualities are maintained and all student get the same education.

Cademix on the other hand target toward the job Market and the latest requirements of the Job postings. It is a fact that the hiring managers from the industry are very much interested whether you have the latest knowledge and experience that they can immediately use in their projects.

Therefore Cademix focuses mainly on the Certificate programs, Recommendation for specific job posting and the guaranteed job placement. A traditional university is mainly focuses on the classroom activities, reference books, and exams. It is your choice to decide which one is connects you to a job.

The Vision

Our vision is to help the international people for better business and career success, and the main business idea is to offer a comprehensive innovation cycle to help the community (including personalized Education, Career Acceleration, R&D, Engineering Service, Marketing).

The Corona Crisis has highly influenced each of these segments, so many businesses or universities cannot continue as they were operating earlier. Taking the example of education, the traditional Universities are all trying to move to online modes, some will be practically closed for the next few months. Also the traditional degree programs and long academic career paths are not as efficient as it was earlier. So it is certainly a paradigm shift from education to career development or job-oriented programs. Therefore, our short certified programs including training and career acceleration with job guarantee become more practical than traditional university degrees, because we offer them as a hybrid/blended program, partly online industrial projects and partly in our locations. Alternatively we can offer the participants to work from home anywhere in the world and we provide them with every thing they need to do the projects, including  the hardware, software and the supervision.

Since we have an enormous network in Europe (the result of Prof. Zarbakhsh 15+ years of active involvement in European Actions), we can also efficiently support the graduates/job seekers with our career autopilot program – very critical during these times as many people require job change, placement/internship support, and career upgrade. Of course, all of these belong to the category of premium coaching and personalized 1-to-1 mentoring services, and can be seen as a luxury program, and we are aware that most job-seekers are interested while some cannot afford it.  That’s why we recently updated discounts, scholarships, reimbursement programs, free accommodation, and freelance job offers.

Some of Cademix Programs are Premium and we know that some international people or companies from low income countries may not be able to afford it all in advance. But we believe that if someone can afford to buy a Laptop, buy a mobile phone and afford an international travel, then for sure they will be also able to afford the down payments and start the program. The rest can be flexibly paid upon success. - Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh

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If we sent you this link, it is because we identified you as a potential partner or representative mainly for business and Cademix career development sector, considering your profile, expertise and of course your network.

So, at this step, we would like to invite you to one of our upcoming representative and info Meetups: (Here is your access code CADEMIX-LINKEDIN2020  It opens some free and discount tickets depending on the event). 

Meanwhile you can check our Website describing different business units, from technical programs we offer to graduates, job-seekers and also b2b services for business customers.


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Other Business Sectors of Cademix

Of course Education is just one of the six business sectors at Cademix. If you want, you can browse the Website and check out other business sectors of Cademix, so you have a better understanding of what services and partnerships we offer. But to keep it simple, the link above has the main infos we wanted to share. I know these are lots of info to digest. Please take your time and review them carefully, and hopefully you can confirm at least one or maybe several of these programs are potentially interesting in your network. The framework of a partnership between us is relatively flexible, we can discuss it, however we assume you will be interested in a channel management, affiliated referral, representative role and joint programs as it has significant financial/benefits and recognition for you. Just to clarify, the Cademix representative role, it is not a full time or salary-based job. You can consider it as mutual agreement or freelance, part time, Milestone/contract/commission based. I can also send you an MoU/Agreement template describing further details, scope of the partnership opportunity and benefits. 

Next Step: Direct Communication

Invite and forward the Initiative to others?

Of course you can forward the messages to your Emails or other colleagues. and you can bring your colleagues to the meeting.

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Cademix Special offers during Corona Lock-down

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Announcement: Effects of Coronavirus Outbreak

No need to panic: The Cademix Institute of Technology is carefully monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in Europe and Worldwide. The safety and health of our community, on and off campus, is our top priority. Currently, there is no indication that any member of our community is affected by COVID-19, however contingency planning is well required.

According to Austrian regulation, currently we cannot accept visitors in our offices. We strongly encourage online meetings and Voice/Video Calls rather than face-to-face meetings. Also 1-to-1 meetings are generally preferred to group meetings, at least for the next weeks or even months. The Cademix blended and online programs are highly recommended as an alternative to all on-campus programs.

The international customers and applicants who require to travel to Austria may consider a travel limitation or delay in visa processing. The job seekers and business scale-up are welcome to arrange a coaching session for career and business plan adaptations.

I think I’m lucky I would say, because I met you very early in 2016, right after two months after coming to Austria and then you guided me well. For one year, we work together. And later on, because of your support I moved to reputed car manufacturing companies, Hispano-Suiza and Magna Steyr, and also I’m getting lots of interview calls… You guided me well, like, now you should learn this and now that, so it was a step by step process as I said before if you have a nice mentor, you can go in a right direction and you can learn a lot. So, that’s how I can say.

An important thing is like when you find a person who already you know going through the same situation like you came from Iran, here to study in Austria and then you establish yourself really well. So, when I came in contact with you I asked you lots of questions. Maybe I irritated you with my questions but at the end, it was that you guided me well and this is very important thing. If you find a person as a mentor. So in case you guided me well because you are you are already aware of all these situations. Everything is in your mind. Like how and how should you do this and what should you do next, and what should be your next steps. So you guided me well and that’s one important thing. I’m in a good situation and because of your guidance and your directions, or let’s say your mentorship.

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