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Cademix™ high-quality simulation and training services are an important part of our relationship with our customers. We will work with you to identify and implement the right simulation strategy for your needs. Whether you need to boost your analysis skills, increase productivity or gain faster returns on your R&D investment, we are here to help you leverage our state-of-the-art simulation software.

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Computer Simulation and Testing Services

Propeller Computer Simulation

Embedded (on-site) Engineering Service

Medium- to long-term on-site engagements to accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes and simulation team.

Method Development, Process Automation

Develop new best practices, processes, and automations for simulation workflows.

Design Exploration & Optimization

Evaluate multiple design scenarios (Design Points) at any stage of product development to optimize performance.

Project Support & Engineering Service

If you don’t have enough experts or technical staff in your Simulation, R&D and IT Team, you can simply delegate it to us. We will do all the work you need, we can leverage our ecosystem to help you.

Video Marketing

Engineering results can be difficult for non-experts to understand. With our expertise on storytelling, explainer animations, realistic rendering you will have the optimum communication with executive management, investors and customers.

Custom Coding & Interface Design

Our network team of highly-specialized programmers is the best solution for building custom simulation tools, and software/web interface, even if you only have an idea and don't know the algorithm how to do it.

Simulation Capability Assessment

Through an analysis of the records and interviews with stakeholders and simulation team members, we assess your simulation maturity and deliver a report with a roadmap toward the future.

Performance Optimization & HPC

Optimize your existing computing environment, with optimum usage of correct hardware, software, and efficient usage of resources and approach.

Simulation Lifecycle Management

We create and deploy a platform/interface to manage all your simulation and testing activities.

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