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The year 2020 is indeed a turning point for all of us. With all new international competition and the ongoing new industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, the industry need our services and we are totally available to offer all we have From Animation Production, Artificial Intelligent (AI), Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR), 3D printing and R&D, all the way to Digitalisation, ICT and Web services, CRM Systems, and social Media Marketing solutions. Of course it is not a secret that we can offer the best price-performance ratio, since we have access to very large international network and low cost resources.

3D Printing SLA Resin

Animation, Explainer Videos and Marketing Services

Explainer Animation and Marketing Videos are must-haves in 2020, and it is relevant to all of us. We offer the production of various explainer videos for your products and service to strengthen your marketing position. This also includes our computer animation expertise and our complete pipeline as a service. The complete pipeline include all the detailed steps from idea generation, to developing of stories, voice over, Music, character and scene development, animation and audiovisual effects. If you have additional budget to be consumed in specific time range, you may order the Cademix subscription, usually includes a 60-Second Animation delivery per month for the next 12 months.

High Tech Architectural drafting and construction industry

Cademix makes you understand what a high-tech architectural drafting and construction industry is in reality. While our ICT, Animation, Marketing, and Web Services can be applied to any Business Sector, our CAD and Rendering services are in demand services, including Computer Optimization of Architectural Detailing, Residential Drafting Services, Structural and Fabrication Drawings and more.

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CAD Drafting & Digitization

  • Quick and accurate CAD Drafting and CAD Conversion services for your architectural drafting needs.
  • Computer Assisted 2D and 3D Digitization. Process of converting Drawing, Graphs and Photos into CAD, numerical values and 3D Models.
  • Manual CAD drafting through our professional team and experts for architectural drafting or conversion of old drawings or on paper drawing into error-free electronic files.

Visually appealing real images

With decades of professional experience in 3D modeling, computer Simulation and animation, we are one of the pioneers and multidisciplinary CAD/CAE/CAM service and knowledge providers. We offer a useful and cost-efficient processed depending on the scope and complexity of the projects. With our distributed freelance network around the world, we access every 3D software package, modeling and rendering tool. This service segment includes the

  • 3D Commercial Renderings
  • 3D Exterior Renderings
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • 3D Interior Renderings
  • 3D Site Plans
  • 3D Video Walkthrough

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