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Most common types of modern partnerships are very easy to start. It can be  as simple as a pilot project initiated during the coffee breaks and start with the phrases like “Let’s have a deal”, “Let’s give it a try” or “OK, Let’s do it”.


A Business Partnership, is a simple temporary agreement for the purpose of starting a particular project or business collaboration with mutual benefits for the parties involved in the partnerships.

If you value such kind of agile partnership, you should contact us immediately.

Handshake business partnership

Sometime our partners prefer official form of partnership with written documents, MoU or formal contract. This is especially useful if the partner tries to attract external funds. Therefore the simple agreement can be quickly developed further and become a business joint venture, with long term plans. Cademix is also ready to move to the next level and develop a formal joint venture.

Advantages of Business Partnership with Cademix

  • You, your team and your clients will have access to a larger resources and support network.
  • You and your clients will enjoy the early adaptation of Cademix Innovation and Services.
  • You will be connect to our 10,000+ Network of Experts, each of them can be your potential customer, partner or employee.
  • You will recieve special offers, discounts, and vouchers to use or test Cademix Services.
  • You can join our early adaptations, marketing campaigns, export campaigns and product placements.
  • Business partners can provide continuous stream of referrals and repeat business.

Who can join the Cademix Partnership Program

  • Any small/large business or sole proprietorship worldwide can be our partner
  • You are related to any of Cademix business topics, educational and service products or services.
  • You have some ideas for collaboration, or very open to new ideas.

If you are interested in taking part in a partnership, please contact the office of the president.

Selected Partnerships

Selected services for our partners

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