Cademix “Buddy Program” is a peer mentoring and local coaching program. It aims to connect the short term and exchange program students with local students in Europe, who have some levels of success. The buddy’s mission is to help the new student learn their new location, culture and integrate faster. They can help in many ways that the officials and the institute can’t provide. It can be as easy as fining the next store to buy electronic products, finding the best travel package to move around the Europe or how to start an annual tax refund.



 The profit of taking part in the Buddy Program applies to both sides. The Buddy gets the chance to meet new people from all over the world, learn about their culture, their language and get a sense of the Cademix Network across the Europe. On the other hand, the newcomer student will not only have an easier start abroad, he also will have the chance to quickly get involved in the society and accelerate his career faster.

Advantages of joining the Cademix Buddy Program

  • Enjoy helping the international applicants to move to Europe and become successful
  • Join the Cademix coaching program, and learn how to become an influential personality
  • Get Vouchers, prizes and Virtual currencies for the milestones you achieve.
  • Get the official Certificate as Cademix European Buddy

Who can join the Cademix Buddy Program

  • You have experience of living, studying or working in two or more countries.
  • You currently live in Europe since at least 1 year ago, however you are not continuously living in the same region during the last 10 years.
  • You speak or understand 3 or more languages, including 2 European languages.
  • You have experience in study abroad, minimum 1 year study in a second country.
  • You are available to invest minimum of 2 hours per week as a partner of Cademix Buddy Program.

If you are interested in taking part in the Cademix Buddy Program, please contact the office of the president or

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Staatlich Geprueft Government Certified Cademix Javad Zarbakhsh

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