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Verification of Newton’s Law of Cooling Using Arduino

Estimated Reading Time: 11 minutes The Arduino platform is a free and open source electronics platform. Due to their ease of use and inexpensive cost, Arduino-based projects have gained widespread recognition. This is also an arduino-based project that examines Newton’s law of cooling. A DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor was used for temperature monitoring. Newton’s law of cooling was validated by using temperature data. This article will discuss the Newton’s law of cooling and serve as a guide for verifying it with an Arduino. In fact, the main focus of the article is the experimental setup for Arduino-based temperature monitoring and the verification of the law.


Manufacturing Industry during COVID19 Pandemic

Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes Manufacturing industry during the pandemic COVID19
is the subject of an article in which I discuss how the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the global economic and financial scenario in 2020.
By Zahra Kamali, Cademix Institute of Technology

Elephant like our goals. Goal setting by Maryam Vanaee

Goal Setting

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes


One of the main problems that people struggle with achieving their goals is the lack of motivation and movement in the path of the target with variable speed. In this article, we will explain some basic concepts such as goals, motivation, priority, etc., and then we will introduce several solutions to achieve constant speed By Maryam Vanaee, Cademix Institute of Technology

What is Goal Setting?

Most goal-setting exercises begin with an overpaid consultant standing in front of a whiteboard and asking, “What does success look like to you?” What do you hope to achieve in specific terms?” If we are serious about reaching our objectives, we should begin with a very different question. Rather than thinking about what kind of success we want, we should think about “what kind of pain do I want?”

The true test is not whether you want the result, but whether you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it. Do you wish to live the lifestyle that comes with your quest? Do you want the tedious and unappealing process that precedes the exciting and glamorous outcome?

Relationship of goal with need, value and priority

Every human being has his or her own set of values and needs. The important thing is to identify and prioritize needs and values. We usually choose a goal without thinking about it, and sometimes we only consider its positive aspects and beautiful perspective. This is why each of us should be aware that there is a significant and close relationship between a goal and a need, a goal and a priority, and a goal and a value. In conclusion, we should make three lists as a practice exercise:

  • Make a list of your requirements. The Maslow pyramid clearly defines these requirements (food, clothing, security, etc.).
  • Make a list of your values Everyone has different values. The important thing is that you all recognize these values.

Prioritize the previous two lists in the order that is important to you. After the above definitions, you have achieved your important reason. Now it is time to set a goal. Goal setting helps you achieve your values ​​and needs.

Goal setting without planning is nothing more than a dream

Consider an elephant that we aim to eat based on our needs and values. Can we eat this elephant right now? Your answer is definitely no. What is the solution? If we cut this elephant into pieces and eat a part of it every time, we will finally eat the elephant after a certain period of time. Precision planning allows us to break the goal into parts and do a part of it every time. That is why we will achieve our big goal.

Elephant like our goals. Goal setting by Maryam Vanaee

Do not forget that our motivation for taking this path is the reasons that we have identified in the previous section. Wherever you feel unmotivated, refer to your lists and repeat them aloud. Another practical solution is to tell yourself every day that today I only have this to-do list. If I do, I will be one step closer to my goal. Sometimes, thinking about the greatness of the target (elephant) makes you unmotivated. With this exercise, we prevent this destructive thinking

Breaking down big goals

We need to write down our goals on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This shows us exactly what we need to do during the week, and finally, at the end of the month, we will have a list of things to do to achieve our goal. Also, we must be careful that this method minimizes our dead time. Every day, by recognizing the extent of our ability, we can consider more missions or tasks for ourselves and increase our self-confidence by doing them..

To get to the goal, please get a ticket

Assuming we all live in an airport, the lowest floor of this airport belongs to people who do not have a specific destination. These people are confused. However, in order to reach the destination and goal, which we now know what it is according to what has been said, we must prepare a ticket. At the origin of the ticket, we have to write the point where we are now. The destination of this ticket is exactly the point we want to reach. The date on our ticket determines how long it will take to get from origin to destination. If we do not fill in this section, it is as if we are dreaming. The other part of the ticket is our flight number, which is why we found out. We have to write at least 10 reasons for each goal.


Knowing our values and needs helps us to be motivated and set our goals. On the other hand, goal setting is the way to reach our needs and values. It is essential to achieve planning goals. It is by mastering these concepts that we can move towards achieving our goals with high speed and acceleration.

Setting goals entails not only deciding on the rewards we want to receive, but also deciding on the costs we are willing to bear. Please prepare a ticket and write down and plan the necessary missions to reach your destination

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Maryam Vanaee with a master’s degree in chemistry in 2017 and immediately entered the related job market. She has worked as a director of research and development at a private chemical company. Her first article is about pectin extraction review . Other article is superabsorbent polymer review .She is also a member of Cademix Career Autopilot program – the acceleration program, and open to new opportunities. Please feel free to contact her:

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microscale 3D printing- featured image

Microscale 3D Printing: A Review

Estimated Reading Time: 13 minutes Microscale 3D printing is the use of additive manufacturing techniques to create structures with features as small as a few microns. As the demand for device miniaturisation grows, so does the demand for microscale 3D printing. There are some traditional methods for microfabrication. However, 3D printing processes have been found as a viable way for achieving real 3D microproducts. There are several methods for microscale 3D printing. This article will highlight some of the most essential and effective microscale 3D printing methods. It includes scanning micro stereolithography, projection micro stereolithography, two photon polymerisation, laser induced forward transfer, microscale selective laser sintering, microscale inkjet 3D printing, and micro extrusion 3D printing. This review will also take a glance at some of the uses of microscale 3D printing in the electronics and medical sectors.

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Resin Types in 3D Printing

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