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Are you looking for a Lecturer Position, Postdoc position, Voluntary collaboration or a project as a student assistant? On this page, you will find some general information about the latest career openings at Cademix Institute of Technology. We are always on the look-out for highly qualified and motivated staff. Cademix’s success in research and teaching is built on the caliber of its people.

We also highly appreciate application initiatives in education, research innovation and Marketing on any of the subjects related to offered Subject, even if the job is not listed here.

Skills and Expertise we always value

Simulation Technologies incl. Finite Element Analysis
Computer Aided Design techniques and relevant software tools
Computer Aided Manufacturing incl. Additive Manufacturing Technologies, 3D Printing
Strategies for choosing optimum Computer Programming Languages and Computer Software
Engineering Project  Management
Design and Structural Optimization Techniques
Design of Experiment and Performing Automated Virtual Experimentation

High Performance Interdisciplinary Communication Skills, incl. Skill Enhancement techniques for Optimum Clarity, Confidence, Respect, Empathy, Listening, Verbal and non-verbal communications and Corporate Feedback

Time and Resource Management, Goal setting , Prioritizing, Self-starter, Planning, Decision making, Focus, Delegation, Stress management, Coping, Organization.

Technical Writing, methods for developing various writing from Social Media Posting and  Business Emails to writing Publications and Patents

Teamwork Skills, incl. Conflict management, Delegation, Active listening, Collaboration, Cooperation, Coordination, Idea exchange, Mediation, Negotiating

Adaptability and Flexibility incl. Self-management, Decision-making, Calmness, Curiosity, Optimism, Open-mindedness, Analysis, Self-confidence,Organization, Self-motivation.

Problem-Solving Skills incl. Analysis, Lateral thinking, Logical reasoning, Initiative, Persistence, Observation, Persuasion, Negotiation, Brainstorming, Decision making.

Creativity Skills, Divergent thinking , Inspiration, Imagination, Reframing, Mind mapping, Insight, Innovation, Experimenting, Questioning, Design.

Work Ethic, Integrity , Responsibility, Discipline, Initiative, Dependability, Commitment, Self-motivated, Professionalism, Teamwork, Time-management

Interpersonal Skills, Empathy , Humor, Mentoring, Networking, Sensitivity, Patience, Tolerance, Public speaking, Positive reinforcement, Diplomacy.

Leadership, Empathy , Selflessness, Agility, Listening, Humility, Cultural intelligence, Authenticity, Versatility, Generosity, Trust

Attention to Detail, Critical observation , Listening, Organization, Scheduling, Analysis, Introspection, Memory, Acuity, Recall, Questioning.

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