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What you can expect at the end

If you are currently not in Europe, the usual expectation is the Career Advancement, Job Offer, Work Permit and Visa in Europe. Let’s watch a welcome to Germany video first.


Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh, President of Cademix Institute of Technology welcomes a Cademix Career Autopilot Member in the Airport in Germany, after he received a Job Offer, Work Permission and Visa. Jom Johnson from Kerala India, Bachelor Graduate of Optometry is going to work in Germany in Bayern.

Career Success in Europe

Are you a job seeker or university graduate and looking for a career development in Europe? 

Do you know that your chances to get an employment in Europe is very low, unless you have an institute and mentor who guarantee your success throughout the whole  process?

The first step to enter a Cademix Acceleration Program, is to watch a success story. Then you can get in touch, let us review your CV, free of charge.

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Cademix Career Autopilot

The Cademix Career Autopilot is the State of the Art and the most comprehensive Career Development and Placement Program, for Job Seekers, University Graduates, Business Owners and Tech Professionals. 

It is a personalized program that includes a combination of industry oriented approach for improving employability and quick technical internships required for Jobs. The program participants receive 1-to-1 mentorship and full application support for the fastest time to job market.

The focus of the program is on short career upgrade actions, mini-internship, practical job-oriented projects and the whole job postings in the Europe. It has by far one of the best career services available. Here you find the information to compare the efficiency of the method with other approaches used by recruiters, head hunters, Job Fairs of universities.

Business Owners and Startup can also join the Cademix Career Autopilot.  This specifically helpful for those who are looking into a business expansion in Europe, or looking for a customer from Europe. Practically the procedure to find a job for an individual is very similar to finding a contract job for a small business.

Career Autopilot - Cademix EU Job Placement and Upgrade Program for international Job Seekers Poster

Submit your Application Form + CV via Email (, or WhatsApp

Cademix Career Autopilot and the Agile Career Development - A Must have explainer video to watch. For all Job seekers, University graduates and professionals.

Cademix Career Autopilot vs. University Degree Programs

Unlike traditional universities that only focus on education, class room activities and basic research, the Cademix offers a complete Research and Innovation Cycle. Most of activities in Cademix programs are personalized, unique and job oriented projects. We have the concept of “Class of One”, so we adapt the curriculum and the content of each program and course into the job requirements for individuals. So, every participant of Cademix is a VIP customer for us.

We offer multiple personalized pathways to every student and participant according to individual goal. After having a Goal Setting session with your mentor, you will receive a optimum roadmap toward your next career goal. Whether you are a recent graduate or job seeker interested in an employment, a professor interested in building your own research group, or an entrepreneur interested to develop your start up, you will find the suitable package in the Cademix Career Menu.

More important that what we do, is our Cademix Network. We work closely with employers, human resource managers, partners and decision makers in European Union and beyond to mutually offer tech support, develop internships and adapt job opportunities for our students and graduates.

Recording of Previous Info Session

Watch the details and Recording of the Live Info Session on Cademix Career Autopilot: Acceleration and 100% Job Placement. Highlights and topics covered in the Event:

– Interview with two Persons already joined and experiences the Program.
– Services included in the Program
– Acceleration and doing quick projects, writing quick publications
– Technical and Non-Technical Mentoring and Coaching
– The effect of Cademix on selection process and interviews
– How the program guarantees a Job Placement in Europe
– Multilevel Marketing Approach and Referrals
– Agile Approach and Growth Mindset in Career Development
– Comparison of Visa regulation and Pathways for Immigration to Europe with focus on Germany and Austria
– How to apply for the program- Financial and Payment Plans
– Questions and Answers

Cademix approach compared with traditional universities

University degree programs are usually based on a curriculum. The course contents are not changing very frequently, because the universities are very much interested in offering fundamental knowledge to the students. Also they need to make sure that  the qualities are maintained and all student get the same education.

Cademix on the other hand target toward the job Market and the latest requirements of the Job postings. It is a fact that the hiring managers from the industry are very much interested whether you have the latest knowledge and experience that they can immediately use in their projects.

Therefore Cademix focuses mainly on the Certificate programs, Recommendation for specific job posting and the guaranteed job placement. A traditional university is mainly focuses on the classroom activities, reference books, and exams. It is your choice to decide which one is connects you to a job.

Cademix Career Autopilot Agile Career Development Pathway for Job seekers in Europe FHD

There are lots of Universities offering courses, that are not changed since ages ... You never know whether these are the requirement of 20 years ago or the real requirement of industry. ..So we are trying to do a revolution or smooth evolution so that the universities getting closer to industry, so the gap gets lower. -- Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh, Cademix President

What’s included in the Career Autopilot?

Personalized Career Upgrade

Personalized Career Upgrade, suitable for each job seeker, recent graduate or professional looking into a job change.

~ 6 to 12 Month

Cademix Career Autopilot offers flexible timing, typically takes 6 to 12 Months. Of course your skills and experience accelerate the process.

4 Pathways included

You can choose up to 4 pathways or projects from any Cademix Departments. So that you become a fully multi-disciplninary expert

Blended Programs

Cademix Autopilot is a mixture of Online projects, 1-to-1 coaching sessions, Lab at Home, On-Campus Visits, and visits of partner events.

Employabiliy Check

You will get a regular CV and employability check-up. It is important for every upcoming employment opportunities, so that you stay fit.

CV Updates

Your CV will be continuously improved. During the Career Autopilot, we will build multiple versions of your CV for various Job function and different industries.

Personalized Job Advisory

A personalized 1-on-1 coaching session when you are applying for a new job or a new interview. This includes the coaching for Cover Letter and CV adaptations

Recommendation Letters

Just let us know when you need a new Recommendation Letter with focus on your specific strength.

Interview Preparation

No need to worry for the next interview. arrange a quick call with your Mentor and become confident for the next interview.

Tech Project Supervision

Cademix offers the best project supervision with the goal of improving your employability and your career development.

Cademix Certificates

Earn up to 4 Cademix Diploma Certificate for your Technical Skills, Engineering projects, IT Skills, Managerial skills or Soft skills

Publication Support

Let the world know you are an author of multiple articles on several topics. Also get the priority publishing privilege on Cademix Magazine.


Cademix will send you free facilities and Lab equipment such as 3D Printer, so you can do the projects and work at home.

Partner Events

get the invitation to join events organized by Partner organization, incl. Lab Tours, Conferences, Webinars and Workshops.

Legal Support

We help you with the topics, including visa applications, travels of family members, handling and planing for tax return, financial planing etc.

Cademix Job Database

Get the latest info and access to the potential employers, all job listings, internal job board and 3 Million EU job openings, even those hidden ones not transparently advertised online

Free Accomodation

Up to 4 weeks of free accommodation for short visits, available on Cademix Site or with partners / Shared Apartment Facilities.

Job Referral

From time to time, we will extend our support and initiate direct contacts with potential employers to possibly create positions for you, or we will empower you to initiate the contacts.

Placement Guarantee

If you cannot find any job offer during the Cademix Autopilot, you have the option for free continuation or downgrade to Single Pathway Companion programs that does not have a job placement guarantee.

Work Permit & Visa Upgrade

Support and advisory to get visa upgrades and Residence/Work Permit suitable to the job offers.

Schengen Visa Suport

International visitors and participants get the suitable invitation/support (Eligible to apply for Schengen Business Visa Type C or D) for multiple European visits.

The best career advice is the one receive in a 1-to-1 meeting with your career mentor.

Banner Webinar Hidden Jobs Market Hype Cyle Zarbakhsh Javad

Placement Guaranteed, All Inclusive

The Cademix Career Autopilot is currently the only career development program in the market, that offers comprehensive set up career development, technical upgrade and job placement. It’s the best choice for every serious Job seeker and recent graduates.

The post-Corona or Post-CoVID19 is a difficult time. Even very highly skilled job seekers are struggling to get job interview.

Payment Options

  • Regular Payment
  • Payment upon Employment
  • Payment upon Employment
  • Payment upon Employment
Regular PaymentPayment upon EmploymentPayment upon EmploymentPayment upon Employment
(Low Income)
(Only for EU)
Payment Option Available to
Please make sure you are eligible for this payment option Payment Option.
Every body
(world wide)
Every body
(world wide)
Low Income ApplicantsEU Citizens and EU Job Seekers
(Down Payment)
First payment, to be transferred upon admission
90%40%10 %25%
Payment during the Program--6 x 5 %-
Rest Payment
upon Employment
-60%6 x 10%3 x 25%
Total Payment90 %100%100%100%
Apply NowApply NowApply NowApply Now

* Attention: The table includes payment plans in percentages. Please consider the percentages and calculate the fees for the programs of your choice.
** The scholarships, vouchers, and discount cannot be combined with each other. We will make sure that you will receive the highest discount applicable for each program.

*** Promotional Discount: Receive 10% Discount for every friend you refer and they start the program. (Multiple times applicable)

Quick Comparison and Alternatives

Here is a quick comparison of Career Autopilot Variations :

  1. Career Autopilot Regular: All Inclusive program including career upgrade, direct referral, certifications, 4 pathway programs and full support until you get a job offer, guaranteed.
  2. Career Autopilot Plus: All Inclusive program + a University Admission Guaranteed. Get a Student Visa, Move to Europe ASAP, improve your Career  in parallel, and get full support until you get a job, guaranteed.
  3. Pathway Companion: Single Pathway program, Get the certificate, 4 Months supports, Take the responsibility however we do not guarantee a job guarantee.
  4. Career Autopilot Basic: Option for very highly experience Job seekers, multidisciplinary experts with 3+ years of professional experience, job placement service, DIY approach, get support, take the responsibility and apply yourself. Focus on Interview preparation and contract negotiations.

Read more about the Autopilot variations in this article.

* Candidate are welcome to upgrade their programs, or downgrade if they cannot find a job within a guaranteed time.

Promotional Discount: Receive 10% Discount for every friend you refer and they start the program. (Multiple times applicable)

Interested in Cademix Scholarship?

Apply for the Starter Program for free, in exchange of 3 month voluntary actions to Support the Cademix Community (At least 10 hours / week).

Examples of actions includes increasing the Cademix Awareness, activity in social Media, teaching language, or technical topics.

  • Career Autopilot Regular
  • Career Autopilot Plus
  • Autopilot Starter (Weiterbildung)
  • Career Autopilot Basic
  • Career Autopilot Business
  • Career Autopilot Transformer
Career Autopilot RegularCareer Autopilot PlusAutopilot Starter (Weiterbildung)Career Autopilot BasicCareer Autopilot BusinessCareer Autopilot Transformer
MottoJob Offer Guaranteed,
All Inclusive
Uni Admission or Ausbildung + Job Offer Guaranteed4 Weeks project based learning + certificate. No Job GuaranteeQuick Polish
& Placement
Start your Business in Europe
All Inclusive
Career Transformation
All Inclusive
Who should join?Job seekers
Job seekers + Students
Job Seekers, Graduated, WorldwideVery Highly Experienced Job Seekers in EUStartup Owners, skilled Job seekers
Job seekers worldwide who need a career change / transformation
Pathway Projects included4+ Projects / Pathways4 Pathways + Uni Admission1 Project / ArticleUnlimited Support4 Projects/ Pathways
Job / Placement Guarantee
Regular Fee12,000 EUR18,000 EUR1,200 EUR8,000 EUR24,000 EUR18,000 EUR
Apply NowApply NowApply NowApply NowApply NowApply Now

Prefer a direct communication?

Go to WhatsApp, Introduce yourself, Send your CV for a quick Review and ask your quick questions. (+43 650 967 7080)

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Meet Cademix Career Counselor

  • Get the first impression of talking to a mentor and coach. Someone who has been there and knows what job seekers need.
  • Discuss your interests, skills and preferred work characteristics
  • identify occupations and internship possibilities
  • learn how to evaluate and negotiate job offers
  • Get the first impression how a career mentor can accelerate you

Check out recent articles in Cademix Magazine:

Get help with the job search

Cademix Career Center (CCC) is a key path to to find work-study and part-time jobs, internships and full-time opportunities! Whether you are a student looking for a job, a researcher looking for a collaboration, an employer needing to fill a position, or an alumni seeking a new career path or needing resume advice, CCC is the place to get started.

Cademix Career Center works as a personalized Gateway to German Job Market place, and we offer this as a Mentoring and Career Development Service. It starts with understanding your career goals. If you have a very specific Job title, or career goal in mind, you should go for one of our Career development options, such as Career Pathway, Career Roadmap or Dual Pathway Guardian. Here you can find the list of our career development plans.

Tour Lab CCARD University Zarbakhsh Open Class For Refugees Austria Afghanistan Syria International Group Photo
Job oriented group projects Cademix Tech Career Acceleration Program Career Autopilot
Joji Jermias 3D printing cademix internship at home india
Online Internships Career Upgrade Job Placement during COVID19 Pandemic

Comprehensive Career Package for Job Seekers

We have one of the most comprehensive knowledge and network of companies in central Europe. Especially in Germany and Austria, we know almost all of the job openings. We also know the requirements, trends and job opportunities in the region, many of them are the information or strategies not yet publicly or transparently available online in internet.

For example, this includes the information about potential SME employers, or future funding allocations in engineering, production and service sector, which is more than 50% of the Central European job market.

Online internship are specifically important during the pandemic. More important is a personalized internship defined to improve your employability and your next job placement. As a participants of Cademix Career Autopilot you have the privilege to get the latest info.

Interested? Got Questions?

We encourage you take a look at the list of frequently asked questions. It is highly probably that you have a question previously answered here:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Traditional Universities Approach compared with Job-oriented Education Internship Placement Cademix EdTech4

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Cademix Special offers during Corona Lock-down

For Students and Job-seekers

For Business Customers

Announcement: Effects of Coronavirus Outbreak

No need to panic: The Cademix Institute of Technology is carefully monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in Europe and Worldwide. The safety and health of our community, on and off campus, is our top priority. Currently, there is no indication that any member of our community is affected by COVID-19, however contingency planning is well required.

According to Austrian regulation, currently we cannot accept visitors in our offices. We strongly encourage online meetings and Voice/Video Calls rather than face-to-face meetings. Also 1-to-1 meetings are generally preferred to group meetings, at least for the next weeks or even months. The Cademix blended and online programs are highly recommended as an alternative to all on-campus programs.

The international customers and applicants who require to travel to Austria may consider a travel limitation or delay in visa processing. The job seekers and business scale-up are welcome to arrange a coaching session for career and business plan adaptations.

I think I’m lucky I would say, because I met you very early in 2016, right after two months after coming to Austria and then you guided me well. For one year, we work together. And later on, because of your support I moved to reputed car manufacturing companies, Hispano-Suiza and Magna Steyr, and also I’m getting lots of interview calls… You guided me well, like, now you should learn this and now that, so it was a step by step process as I said before if you have a nice mentor, you can go in a right direction and you can learn a lot. So, that’s how I can say.

An important thing is like when you find a person who already you know going through the same situation like you came from Iran, here to study in Austria and then you establish yourself really well. So, when I came in contact with you I asked you lots of questions. Maybe I irritated you with my questions but at the end, it was that you guided me well and this is very important thing. If you find a person as a mentor. So in case you guided me well because you are you are already aware of all these situations. Everything is in your mind. Like how and how should you do this and what should you do next, and what should be your next steps. So you guided me well and that’s one important thing. I’m in a good situation and because of your guidance and your directions, or let’s say your mentorship.

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