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Explainer Videos are now on the hit

Explainer videos are very popular right now: they are innovative, funny and have the potential to reach millions of people on social media. Marketers have long since realized this, and are using the wide appeal of these animated graphics to market their products more effectively and to attract even more customers. Do you have a brilliant idea that you want to share with people? All you need is a creative, enticing explainer video. We advise and show you the best solutions, whether you want to learn the process, or just want to order a professional and cost-effective video. In any case, you are right with us.

An explainer video is a short video that aims to educate viewers about a particular issue, application, or product. These videos usually consist of animated graphics, a voice-over, and background music including audio effects – just like a real movie. Most explainer videos have a relatable main character and try to introduce the audience to a subject in a simple and humorous way. In marketing, for example, an effective explainer video should result in a product lingering in people’s minds.

Cademix Animation Pipeline

Development of your goals & contents
Conception, rough visualization elements & customized storytelling
Suitable voices for your video
Matching music and audio effects for your video
Developing & layouting of the characters, props, & customized elements for you scene
Rigging, Posing, Animation, Lip Synch & Visual Effects
Explainer Videos Erklärvideos

Prices and Packages

  • Economy
  • Popular
  • Gold Subscription
Gold Subscription
Choose Animation Style (Character Animation, Whiteboard, Motion Graphics)
Bring your own Voice Over ( English or German)
Suitable Music Track
Consultation round
Number of Videos | Subscription1 Video 1 Video6 Videos | 3 Months
Length of Videos Up to 60 secondsUp to 120 secondsUp to 120 seconds each
Length of Videos
Translation & Bilingual Voice Over (German & English)
Adaptation or developing new Script / Story
Custom Sound & Animation Elements
Unlimited Corrections
Contact and OrderContact and OrderContact and Order

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