FAQ | About Cademix

We are specialized in digital revolution field and high tech industry related to Computer Aided Technologies. This includes Computer Aided Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and mixed Multimedia. The application areas include engineering, medical, Physics, Industry 4.0, digital art, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Moreover, we take pride in our agile ability to quickly learn and enter virtually any related field.

FAQ | Technology Consulting and Engineering Services

We are headquartered in Donau-City, Vienna, Austria, and have consultants, ad-hoc lecturers, team members, freelancers and partners worldwide. While we offer visiting our customers on site, we often use online meeting tools, phone and Email. Many of our customers and partners have never visited us personally or in a face-to-face meeting. Some visit us or we visit them on a monthly basis. If desired, we are available to travel and visit you at your offices for a few days.

Gladly. We prefer to use a Mutual NDA so that our own trade secrets can be protected as well.

We do both. Depending on the scope of the project, and if the requirements are clear, we typically develop fixed price contracts. This allows you to have a defined budget with no surprises. On the other hand, the time based contracts are more appropriate for projects, with varying scope.

FAQ | Talent Sourcing, Acquisition & HR Services

Talent sourcing is the process of finding, adapting, upgrading or generating talents and candidates before a job announced or position opened. It is mainly required in quickly changing industries, including ICT and computer aided technologies.  The goal of talent sourcing is to secure enough talents and the overall candidate flow. It also includes the management of prospect candidates and on-demand conversion of leads into applicants or providing additional referrals.

We totally understand that many of our business customers do not want to publicly announce their job vacancies, or specific skill combinations required. Gladly. We will develop a personalized and mutual NDA, so that our own trade secrets can be protected.

Yes. This is our core specialty. Our network of partnerships already includes talents and professionals from 80+ countries. We can help you find talents or source applicants worldwide. Whether you are looking for pure technical skill set or any combination of values, interest, personalities or soft skills, we can help you. Also we continuously grow our network of professional expatriates in Europe.

Usually the talent sourcing process and targeted acquisition takes between 1 to 2 months. However if the required skill sets is rare, interdisciplinary, or required additional training, you may need to plan them up to 6 months in advance.

Yes, we can do it, especially if it is related to our core expertise in Science, Technology and Engineering, Management, or related multidisciplinary fields.

FAQ | Career Acceleration & Services for Job Seekers

As a recent graduate, you probably should be interested in our dual Pathway Programs. This include one technical and one career oriented program. You may choose any of the technical programs to improve your employ-ability. The pathway programs are highly personalized and focuses on project based activities, so you get the necessary knowledge required in industry and missing in your profile.

It is not a secret that more than 60% of the jobs, including jobs in small and mid size enterpises in Central Europe are never publicly advertised, and there are very different reasons for that. Also more than 50% of the jobs advertised, could be somehow predicted at least 6 months ahead of time.  

It is one of our unique expertise, which empower us to offer extraordinary career accelerations. It is not about having access to some imaginary secret database. Rather it is a deep understanding and analysis of trends, policies and moreover the network with potential employers.

Yes, the Career dual Pathway Guardians includes up to 2 Pathway programs and up to 12 weeks of training. The Career Autopilot includes up to 4 pathway programs and up to 25 weeks training. But you do not need to go for maximum available offers. You will choose as much as it is required to you. Espcielaly the highly skilled job seekers do not attend any program, rather they just need to focus on applications. It is however efficient if the candidate choose a non-technical pathway program like Tech Career Acceleration program or Management/leadership  programs to improve their managerial and soft skills.

Several European countries including Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, etc. recently started to offer job seekers visa previously known in Canada or Australia. The program is based on some criteria or point systems to filter the highly qualified workers.

For example in Austria, if you qualify as a very highly qualified worker and you have not yet found an employer in Austria, you may apply for a six-month residence visa in Austria for your job search (Job Seeker Visa). If you find a job matching your qualification during the validity period of your visa, you may stay and extend your visa. The process to apply for a Seeker Visa for Very Highly Qualified Workers must be filed at an Austrian embassy or consulate abroad, including the Austrian embassies in Europe.

The job seekers visa, sometime known with other names, is also offered to university graduates, so you get an extended stay in Europe to find a job.

Of course we understand the deadline and stressful situation. You have only a few months to find a suitable job. Otherwise, you would need to leave the country. We are totally here to offer a full support to find a job, arrange a job or create a job for you that matches your skills.

Depending on your qualification and your expertise area, you may go for Cademix Dual Career Pathway Guardian, or the Cademix Career Autopilot. Please check our “Cademix Career Center” for more details, cost etc.

Yes. This is one of our premium services. Please check the list of our career service, and choose a package that includes “Referral for a Voluntary Internship” or “Guarantee for Job/Industrial Placement”. Please check our “Cademix Career Center” for more details, cost etc.

The Cademix job guarantee is a money back guarantee. In Case your programs guarantees a job for you, and you do not find the job during the 6 months after the finishing the program, the Cademix offers you another program for free, or offers you 50% of your money back.

Currently two programs of Cademix offer Job Guarantee. These are Dual Pathway Guardian and the Career Autopilot. The job guarantee is however valid for those candidates who take at least picks two projects or two pathway programs included in the package. The candidates will loose the job guarantee if they do not attend the project works or pathways programs.

Yes, we can do it, and most probably we can arrange more than one position and several potential employers for you. However please be aware that this is a premium service that we offer, and it is not a free service. Please check our “Cademix Career Center” for more details. If you are a serious candidate, should specify exactly what career service / package they are interested in.

Yes, we can do it, and provide you a feedback. You may start with our “Career Compass” program and get this service. Please check our “Cademix Career Center” for more details, cost etc.

It is true that some organizations such as universities offer career development services for free. Also Cademix offers some career services for the current program participants and partners.

However, a personalized high quality service or product is never for free. Sometime you need to understand the business model behind a free service. Think of free charity food, free concerts, free Email accounts, free search engines or free online medical services to understand how some of those businesses work. You can always think deep and question whether they are really for free or not?

Yes, we can do it, and provide you a personalized advice on a specific job application. You may start with our “Career Compass” program and get this service. Please check our “Cademix Career Center” for more details, cost etc.

Well, this would be a perfect way to tell us how unqualified you are. So, we are very thankful and we will ignore your application.

FAQ | Educational Course Contents & Syllabus

No. At Cademix we don’t have a fixed and well-defined Syllabus. The courses and their contents are frequently and dynamically revised according to industrial needs and the requirement of the Job Market. Also the content changes based on the selected Program Level (e.g. Postgraduate or Postdoc Levels), previous knowledge of the students/participants, and their career goals.

Yes. You can and we recommend you to do so. You can easily argue that you have personal and career interest to select Topics from other Study Programs or other Departments.

Yes. As a lecturer, partner, researcher, student or even as an applicant, you can propose a new topic to be added to the existing syllabus. Note that a serious proposal should include some details, and especially references including jobs that require that specific skill/topic.

Yes. You can choose a different Name or Format for Cademix Programs to suite your situation. Here are some of the formats, we already offer: 

Vocational Training, Sabbatical Visit, Diploma Programs, Exchange Programs, Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM), Internship, Mentoring & Coaching, Research Fellowships, Postdoc Fellowship, Visiting Fellowship, Conference, Seminar, Hands-on Training

No, it neither possible nor required to cover all of the topics in details. This should be carefully selected depending on your career goals or the job you plan to apply. Sometimes it is more effective to focus on fewer topics, and sometime it is important to have an overview on several topics. It is your decision. What is limited is your Time and Resources. So, you need to be very smart and carefully choose the horizontal and vertical scope of your expertise.

Yes, the pathway programs are personalized. Both topics and duration can be adapted to the preference of the candidates.

You can do a program in part time format, so it will will take double time than usual. However if you need a visa support from the Institute, this option would not be possible and you should pick larger packages or multiple programs.

We do offer a Technical Language Course (English or German) as an additional Pathway Program. If you choose a Dual Guardian or Autopilot, this can be nicely included. However during the program and at any time you can also speak in English or German, or mixed to improve your language skills.

FAQ | Educational Program Fees, Discounts, Scholarships and Jobs

The application process is effectively free for serious applicants. You will be asked to pay 50 EUR before the official interview, however we will refund it in both cases of acceptance or rejection by Cademix. The application fee however will not be refunded if an applicant is accepted by Cademix, but in despite of that decides not to join.

There are several methods to reduce the cost of the program, for example by volunteering in the running projects at Cademix or take a freelance job, or even taking part in student jobs. Of course it depends on your skills, your location, your availability and your visa status. We are available to help you on this so that you can afford the program.

No. we do not offer accumulation of discounts. For example if you are students and also a citizen of a developing low income country, you are eligible for different discounts, however you can only use the larger discount, and cannot use both discount on a single product.

Yes, you can apply and get a full scholarship, however you need to know that you still need to pay the one third of the Tuition fees as Down Payment, which will be refunded to you once you finish the study, and achieve the program deliverable. The down payment is required to show you are 100% committed to start and finish the program. You need to be careful that low Down Payments may reduce your chance of getting a business visa.

Yes, For every successful recruiting, you will get 100 EUR or alternatively 10% discount on your tuition fees. It means that if you introduce 10 person registerred at Cademix, you will get a Full Scholarship or a free Pathway Program.

FAQ | Admission for PhD / Postdoc Applicants

No. At Cademix we don’t offer PhD Programs. You may consider Postgraduate or Postmaster Program, or alternatively you can join the Tech Career Acceleration Program that helps you find a suitable Job or PhD position in other organizations.

Yes. we offer Postdoc at Cademix. Please check the list of Programs where you can do a Postdoc https://www.cademix.org/programs/

Yes. Generally you need to pay the Program Fees to join a Postdoc Program. Tehcnically it is a self-funded Postdoctoral Training and Coaching Program. However there are high chances that you get employed during or after the program, for doing the projects or teaching activities.

FAQ | Travel to Europe and Visa

The relevant types of visa are “C Visa”: Schengen Travel Visa, for stays less than 90 days and “D Visa”: Residence Visa for stay between 91 days and 180 days

A Visa Type C or D is a Schengen Visa, and with that you can travel to Schengen states. These are the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden as well as the non-EU members Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Here is the Official Answer: The processing time for an Austrian Schengen visa may vary from 2 weeks to 3 months. It can be as fast as 15 days, in a normal situation, or can be extended up to 30 to 60 days due to the number of applications the embassy/consulate of Austria is receiving, or the uniqueness of your case. That is why you are highly recommended to apply for your Austrian short-stay visa as soon as you can, but no earlier than three months prior to your trip to Austria.

Our experience show that the citizens of specific countries might get a visa after 6 to 9 month processing time. It is however good to know that generally the Austrian Visa processing is much faster than some of the other European countries, including Germany.

What you can do it to prepare the document accurately, and provide the information that you do not intent to stay longer in Europe than expected. You should also provide the reasons why you are motivated to return back to you country of origin because of your job, family, or properties you might have.

Once the documents submitted, you cannot do much to accelerate the process. The Austrian Visa officials are mostly highly professional and reliable people. If they need more time to process your visa, there might be a good reason for that.

The Cademix however may be able to contact the officials through our own channel and get the status of your visa, if your application took extremely long or your presence is highly required for a specific event.

Austrian visas for adult travelers are 60 EUR. Other Types of residence Permit visa maybe up to 130 EUR. Depending on your age, nationality and some other factors you could be exempt from paying the Austria visa fee, or sometimes you will have to pay a lower fee. The Austrian Embassy in your country can get you an update info on this.

Yes, you can. You can visit more Schengen states, but Austria is your main destination, which means:
You will be spending more days in Austria, than in the other countries
Or you will be spending an equal amount of days in each country, but you will enter the Schengen Zone through Austria

Yes. If traveling to Austria/Europe is a major part of your program (for example On-Campus Pathway Programs) and you get a Visa Refusal, then you are entitled to 100% Tuition Fee refund.  Alternatively, if your Visa processing Time is more than 90 days after your first interview date, you can theoretically withdraw your Visa Application from the Austrian Embassy and request a Cademix Tuition Fee refund. Generally, we do not recommend that you withdraw the application, rather we can help you to find out the status of your Visa application. Please note that Cademix is not responsible for refund of your Visa Application fees that you pay at the Austrian Embassy. Of course a visa refusal refund policy doesn’t apply to online courses or the career development service packages such as Career Autopilot or Dual Pathway Guardian.

FAQ | Voluntary Training & Internships

Yes. It is for free for those who finish bothTraining and Internship. You will be asked to pay a down payment for the training part, which will be reimbursed as you finish the internship.

Yes. You are welcome to propose a new topic.

Yes. most of the Cademix programs are available both as on-campus and Online.

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Cademix Special offers during Corona Lock-down

For Students and Job-seekers

  • 6 Week Free Add-on

    Available to all participants and students of Cademix pathway programs and Career Development Programs including Career Autopilot and Dual Pathway Guardians.

  • Online 1-to-1 Mentoring

    Regular online 1-to-1 coaching and mentoring sessions for technical discussions and career development.

  • Exclusive Cademix™ Certificate

    Exclusive Cademix™ Certificate for High Performance and Self-discipline during Crisis, will be offered to Cademix Program participants who show self-discipline and major achievements during the corona crisis and lock-down period.

For Business Customers

  • All-in-One Business Solutions

    All-in-One Management Consulting Solutions, including personalized Engineering and IT Services, Hands-on Training , Assessment and Certification and digital Marketing.

  • Dedicated 24/7 online support

    Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. We offer dedicated business services outside of the working hours and on weekends, usually reply to all inquiries within 60 minutes.

  • 3 Month Deferral

    All Cademix business customers influenced by Corona lock-down will be granted a three-month deferment on rest payments and postponing service charges.

Announcement: Effects of Coronavirus Outbreak

No need to panic: The Cademix Institute of Technology is carefully monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in Europe and Worldwide. The safety and health of our community, on and off campus, is our top priority. Currently, there is no indication that any member of our community is affected by COVID-19, however contingency planning is well required.

According to Austrian regulation, currently we cannot accept visitors in our offices. We strongly encourage online meetings and Voice/Video Calls rather than face-to-face meetings. Also 1-to-1 meetings are generally preferred to group meetings, at least for the next weeks or even months. The Cademix blended and online programs are highly recommended as an alternative to all on-campus programs.

The international customers and applicants who require to travel to Austria may consider a travel limitation or delay in visa processing. The job seekers and business scale-up are welcome to arrange a coaching session for career and business plan adaptations.

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