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Prof. Javad Zarbakhsh and his organization specialize in finding or designing new tools and new materials for new applications. We know his works on 3D printing material modeling from macroscopic to atomistic level, presented at 3D Printing events. He explained that analysis and simulation are difficult but well worthwhile, compared with the alternative concept of ‘Let’s make it and test it’. Simulation could answer such questions as: What happens if we use a different material? What are the benefits if we change the design? What if the system faces an extreme condition? His works went on to consider simulation techniques, finite element analysis (procedure and tools), validation and design optimization, and some of the challenges for users.
Javad Zarbakhsh جواد زربخش Elsevier
When I first decided to step into the research path almost 10 years ago during my Bachelor studies, I did not have any clear idea on how one should do it properly. It was Javad Zarbakhsh who generously offered me his knowledge and enlightened the path for me and helped me step by step; I am beyond grateful to you Javad.

I also owe this to team work organized by him. This is the word in my mind every morning when I leave my house to the University. In fact, I had the great opportunity of joining them from its early stages since 2005 when I was a Bachelor student in Iran. Since that time, I could have published more than 10 scientific papers in ISI indexed journals and international conferences, owing to the collaboration with Javad Zarbakhsh and his research groups. Team working, scientific thinking and self-confidence, are just a few examples of what I could learn there, beyond the valuable scientific knowledge and skills. I appreciate it and I am proud of being one of its members.
Abbas Mohtashami Testimonial
Dr. Abbas Mohtashami
Former Team Member and Photonics Expert
Impedance Matching Photonic Crystal Simulation
I relished the opportunity to work with Cademix Institute of Technology as a freelancer, especially since it involved working directly with Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh. The whole institute is professional, comfortable and has that visual ‘wow-factor’ backed up by intuitive, state of the art tools for teleworking and collaboration online. I was particularly impressed with their speed and flexibility. Communication was clear and concise; meetings swift and to the point; encouragement was always given and the projects stimulating. Creativity was encouraged and I really enjoyed the variety of projects — from writing and rewriting articles to proofreading and editing — they entrusted me with. For me, the best thing about a job is coming away having learnt something new. With Cademix, that was fulfilled tenfold and I look forward to collaborating again in the near future.
Redd Glass
Redd Glass
Author, Editor, Cademix Consultant
I know Javad from a joint European COST Action Big-Sky-Earth, a four year project which was focused on Big Data, Machine Learning, and Sky/Earth Observations. We were both the high level Management Committee members. I was a country substitute delegate (Management Committee) from Italy, and Javad was the delegate and MC member from Austria. We had many technical and policy making discussions, and together we organized several events all around the Europe. We started our close collaboration during a Workshop in San Sebastián, Spain, where Javad was among lecturers and organizers of the workshop covering topics and tutorial sessions in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Parallel Computing, Big Data and GPU programming.

Since then we are more closer in contact and I use to get in touch with Cademix Institute of Technology to offer educational and consulting programs on related fields. I am very happy to be one of the ad-hoc lecturers at the Cademix programs, and we offer our consulting and educational expertise as B2B and B2C.

One specific thing I like about this collaboration is that it goes beyond the simple technical or academic collaboration. It’s a friendship and mutual support of each other and our team members. We understand each other, we care and we are there for each other. Let’s continue the nice collaboration and friendship, Javad.
Giovanni Nico
Dr. Giovanni Nico
EU Project Partner and Cademix ad-hoc Lecturer
Expert on Machine Learning and AI
BigSkyEarth Brno Javad Zarbakhsh EU Cost Meeting
I think I’m lucky I would say, because I met you very early in 2016, right after two months after coming to Austria and then you guided me well. For one year, we work together. And later on, because of your support I moved to reputed car manufacturing companies, Hispano-Suiza and Magna Steyr, and also I’m getting lots of interview calls… You guided me well, like, now you should learn this and now that, so it was a step by step process as I said before if you have a nice mentor, you can go in a right direction and you can learn a lot. So, that’s how I can say.

An important thing is like when you find a person who already you know going through the same situation like you came from Iran, here to study in Austria and then you establish yourself really well. So, when I came in contact with you I asked you lots of questions. Maybe I irritated you with my questions but at the end, it was that you guided me well and this is very important thing. If you find a person as a mentor. So in case you guided me well because you are you are already aware of all these situations. Everything is in your mind. Like how and how should you do this and what should you do next, and what should be your next steps. So you guided me well and that’s one important thing. I’m in a good situation and because of your guidance and your directions, or let’s say your mentorship.
Narendra Singh
Former Team Member and Automotive Technology Expert
Narendra Singh BMW
I did the CFD simulation with you for Company Lamm Research, and also I did a 3D printing technology project with you. That was the advantage for me to find a job…The Company saw it in my CV that I have working experience, so they asked me to join them. .. Other students made a mistake that they just wanted to study or to do some research only in the school. That is not enough. The employers like to know you are not a student; you are a worker, you are researcher.
Jackie Genbo Chen
Genbo (Jackie) Chen
Former Student & Simulation Expert at Tectos
It was so nice experience working with Dr Javad Zarbakhsh. He is a true professional who know in's and out's of software development process. I found him a cooperative personality. He is thirsty to learn and I am so surprised that he learned many new things with me while watching me working. His suggestion always helped me to finilise and makeup the coding things. His Q/A capabilities are amazing. In real he is a Man of SKILLS..... I recommend all freelancers to work with him even on less budget for sake of mutual learning. I am definitely looking forward to work with him again.
Sohaib Majeed
Sohaib Majeed
IT manager & Back-end developer
I have worked with Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh for medical video production which was about the pancreatectomy. I must say the way he explains the technical terms in a simpler way, I am not surprised at all he is one of the leading personality in the field of Education and research. Open minded approach towards the process and flexibility gives me immense opportunity to showcase my talent and produce the best result. Feedback for any part was on the point and freedom I got to express my artistry and imagination for the project, I must say, is very difficult to get for such a technical video since it was for medical purpose. Always looking forward to work on any project related to Animation.
Yash Bhatt
Yash Bhatt
Cademix 3D Animation and Modeling Expert
I have completed my research work with Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh and the team from Cademix Institute and it was a great success. I have experienced significant growth in my technical expertise and skills such as lead generation, web research and marketing research. It was fun and interesting working with them.

Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh had clear goals and has provided clear instructions. He is very helpful and approachable and is always available to answer any questions. He is also open to suggestions, always ready to explore new ideas and allows me to do my own working style.

Thank you Cademix Institute and Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh, it's been a pleasure working with you.
Katherine Mae Laureano
Katherine Mae Laureano
Cademix Lead Generation and Web Research Expert
women colleague working home office
After I graduated from the college and got my degree in a field, which I didn’t really like, I decided to look for a job that I was really interested in. It was Animation Production. But I had no idea how to start and where to start. Besides, I had very little experience in this field that wasn’t enough. I searched a lot and fortunately found a group and a person who had a lot of scientific and specialized knowledge! Cademix Institute of Technology and Dr Javad Zarbakhsh. He was the one who helped me a lot and transferred very useful instructions to me.

For me he is a generous teacher who taught me all I needed step by step. Things that a fresh graduated person needed to start a professional job! Now I can confidently say I am an animation production expert, a sound editor, a composer and a graphic artist. Thank you Mr. Javad!
Ramyar Zandikia
Animation Production Expert
Career Options
I started my project with Cademix Institute on an Internet research and data mining program, with focus on digital marketing. I followed the instructions and it was a great success, as I always try to offer quick and good quality work, and I believe that is the key to a long-term good relationship. Later on Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh asked me to join their social media marketing and as a team we were responsible for Cademix outreach initiative project on LinkedIn. During these projects, I have experienced significant growth in my technical expertise and skills such as lead generation, web research, marketing research, and also web development in WordPress. It was fun and interesting to work with them. One unique characteristic I can highlight, is that they have very clear goals, and they offer me detailed instructions. Since I joined them in the middle of the project, It is not always easy in the beginning to have a full picture of the whole project. But once I got used to that, I saw that they are well planned, helping, approachable and always available to answer any questions. It is also very easy to bring new ideas or suggestions, so it allows me to do my own working style.
Man working Laptop
I would like to thank my supervisor Prof. Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh, for offering me the opportunity to work on my thesis. His endless support during the whole project made it possible for me to realize an outstanding work on Composite Filaments for 3D Printing. He also offered the regular Jour fixe weekly meeting with further colleagues in his Research Center. I want to say thank you and the whole team, for the expedient discussions and the help you provided.

Mein aufrichtiger Dank für die Ermöglichung der Umsetzung meiner Bachelorarbeit, sowie die Unterstützung während der gesamten Projektdauer gilt meinem Betreuer Prof. Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh. Unter seiner Aufsicht fanden auch regelmäßige Jour fixe im Rahmen des CCARD Research Center (Center of Computer Aided Research and Development) statt. Hier möchte ich dem gesamten Team für die Beteiligung an Diskussionen sowie die regelmäßig angebotene Unterstützung danken.
Martin Trojer
Martin Trojer
Former Student, Mechanical Engineering Expert
Professor Javad Zarbakhsh, an expert in innovative technologies, has just given a lecture in Turin at the invitation of the "European Cooperation in Science and Technology" (COST) and thus represented the Austrian competence in the field of 3D printing. And with this lecture, Zarbakhsh made a significant contribution to Horizon 2020, one of the most important research topics in Europe. The content of his lecture: "Architecture, Education and Factories of the Future: How Computers and Robots Boost the Technology Innovation". Javad Zarbakhsh has been a member of the EU COST Management Committee Actions and an Austrian delegate in the field of Materials, Physics and Nanosciences (MPN) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) since 2004. He teaches mechanical engineering, systems design and bionics at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

FH-Professor Javad Zarbakhsh, Experte für innovative Technologien, hat gerade erst auf Einladung der „European Cooperation in Science and Technology“ (COST) einen Vortrag in Turin gehalten und damit die österreichische Kompetenz im Bereich 3-D-Druck vertreten. Und mit diesem Vortrag hat Zarbakhsh einen bedeutenden Beitrag zu Horizon 2020 geleistet, einem der wichtigsten Forschungsthemen in Europa. Der Inhalt seines Vortrages: „Architecture, Education and Factories of the Future: How Computers and Robots Boost the Technology Innovation“. Javad Zarbakhsh ist seit 2004 Mitglied der EU COST Management Committee Actions und österreichischer Delegierter im Bereich Materials, Physics and Nanosciences (MPN) sowie Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Er ist Lehrender in den Studiengängen Maschinenbau, Systems Design und Bionik an der FH Kärnten.
Fresh Magazine
Magazine of Carinthia University of Applied Science
Javad Zarbakhsh in FH Magazine Fresh
It was a great opportunity for me to work with Cademix in the field of medical modeling and animation. Cademix asked me to do the work with the highest quality, increase the detail of the objects as much as possible, since the projects require very realistic quality, and I had to do a lot of research work in the field of computer graphics to meet these requirements. I received a lot of feedback and tips on how to regularly improve the quality of work. Cademix’s working style is very flexible, we jointly looked for solutions to the problems we are facing, I offered all kinds of ways and got feedback. It was a good experience.
Igor Lapshin
Cademix 3D Modeling and Animation Expert
Hand Rigging Character Animation
First of all I would like to give my most sincere thanks to all the people that supported me during this long adventure in Austria, I can’t find the words to describe the good feeling that this experience had left in my heart. As you will probably note because of the long and unusual pronunciation of my name, I am not from here, I come from Mexico. Being here and studying in Austria one of the most exciting things I had ever done... I also thank Javad Zarbakhsh, which was more than my teacher and supervisor, has been a very good friend.
Carlos Omar Trejo Caballero
Carlos Omar Trejo Caballero
Former Student and Technology Manager
The future lies in the world of 3D printers. This is important for a professional future, that's why we invited Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh (Professor of FEM & Computational Engineering) to our School. He amazed us with facts about 3D printers, such as the possibility to print jewelry but also chocolate. Many thanks to him and to our KPRT professors Maria Jarnig and Sabine Profanter for the organization!

Die Zukunft ist Englisch und liegt in der Welt der 3D Drucker. Genau darum ging es in zwei Vorträgen, die zwei Lehrende der FH Kärnten am 5. Dezember 2014 für die 4KMD hielten. Marvin D. Hoffland (Senior Lecturer of English and International Coordinator) betonte, wie wichtig English Skills für unsere berufliche Zukunft sind und Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh (Professor für FEM & Computational Engineering) erstaunte uns mit Fakten über 3D Drucker, wie zum Beispiel die Möglichkeit, Schmuck aber auch Schokolade zu drucken. Vielen Dank an die beiden Referenten der FH Kärnten und an unsere KPRT Professorinnen Maria Jarnig und Sabine Profanter für die Organisation!
Javad Zarbakhsh جواد زربخش Elsevier

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Javad Zarbakhsh جواد زربخش Elsevier

What others say about us

Check out what other say about us, from experiences, projects, collaboration and Testimonials about Cademix Institute of Technology and Dr. Javad Zarbakhsh.

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