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Cademix Institute of Technology offers Education at Tertiary and higher education level. The focus is mainly on  Vocational Education and Training (VET). The Education System is based on 3rd generation University Style.

Most universities offer Bachelor, Master and PhD Degrees, which takes several years to complete. These are still useful career assets toward a job application, however the time investment is nowadays hardly justifiable.

In the fast growing technology and rapidly changing business require modern days, Cademix Institute of Technology offers different spectrum of Programs that are very specific, effective and intensive. 

  • The Education System at Cademix Institute of Technology  is based on the following Elements:
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  • Cademix Certificated Programs
  • Coaching Programs
  • Online Programs
  • Postgraduate Programs
  • PostDoc Programs
  • Exchange Programs
  • Fellowship Programs
  • Short Term Scientific Missions
  • Workshop/Seminar Series

Dual Study

Cademix offers the possibility to study multiple subject studies in parallel. Check out the Animation Video for a case, why some students prefer two subjects in parallel.

The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) (1997) describes seven education levels that can be used to compare education internationally. These are:

  • Level 0 – Pre-primary education
  • Level 1 – Primary education or first stage of basic education
  • Level 2 – Lower secondary or second stage of basic education
  • Level 3 – (Upper) secondary education
  • Level 4 – Post-secondary non-tertiary education
  • Level 5 – First stage of tertiary education
  • Level 6 – Second stage of tertiary education

Cademix Institute of Technology mainly offer Education at Levels 3 to 6, and beyond.