Arduino and Raspberry Pi in an Amazing Smart Home

Arduino and Raspberry Pi in an Amazing Smart Home

Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes In this article, we will introduce smart home, Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards, IoT in smart home. Further, we describe Applications and technologies in smart home and Finally, we looked at the role of Arduino and raspberry boards in building a smart home.
by mohammad eslamddost

heterogeneous catalysis -featured image

Applications of Heterogeneous Catalysis in Industry

Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes In this article we will review heterogeneous catalysis and its applications in chemical industry. Catalysis is the phenomenon in which a material known as the catalyst speeds up the pace of a chemical process. The majority of catalytic reactions are heterogeneous. Heterogeneous catalysts have intrinsic benefits over homogeneous catalysts. It is due to their ease of production, handling, separation from the reaction mixture, recovery, and reuse, as well as their stability, low cost, and low toxicity. This review will assist you in gaining fundamental knowledge of heterogeneous catalysis.

Shahrbanoo.Rajabi, Freelance Architect Job, Design job and Make Money cademix

Freelance Architect Job, Design and Make Money

Estimated Reading Time: 11 minutes A freelance architect job is where a freelancer works on a project for clients and companies from anywhere in the world and make money. In compare to normal job offers, a freelancer is not employed by the clients. Are you a self-employed architect? Are you an architectural student or a fresh artist planning to enter your own freelance architect job? In this post, you will discover that if you truly want to spend a substantial portion of your spare time doing anything creative, you may instantly use your newly gained talents to start making money independently from typical work in a studio. Being an architect entails a lot of responsibility it is entirely up to you to establish your own firm as a freelance architect and start earning money with your expertise. In this article, virtual scenes and architectural projects designed by Shahrbanoo Rajabi as a freelance architect from Cademix Institute of Technology are presented.
By Shahrbanoo Rajabi, Cademix Institute of Technology.


Food Additives in Europe

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes In this article, we studied the history and regulation of food additives in Europe. What are Food Additives?…Why Food Additives used?…How are Food Additives regulated in Europe?