Personalized Pathway | Modular Content

At Cademix, every Student is treated as a Business Partner and First Class Customer

Personalized Education Edtech

Cademix is equipped with the cutting edge technologies and communication system to provide modular and personalized courses to students.

This includes the communication with industries, future employers, international community and specially regular exchange with students to provide best course contents.

As a Student of Cademix, you will enjoy unique benefits:

  • Set your individual Career Goals and target industries
  • Based on your career goals, and your current skills, you will receive a personalized and flexible curriculum, to optimally use your resources
  • Since courses are designed as modular contents, you have the flexibility to focus on some specific contents, and bypass some of the elective contents, which are not relevant to your career goals.
  • You can choose evaluation Style, for example Exam based or Project based
  • Cademix highly supports interdisciplinary projects, and you can team up with students from other course programs and other universities, to perform an interdisciplinary project.
  • Cademix Students get the maximum support to perform their professional practical training and projects in another European country