Design Home and Apartment for Pandemic Time, Shahrbanoo (Shohreh) Rajabi, Associate 3D Generalist and Interior Designer at Cademix Institute of Technology Article Magazine

Design Home and Apartment for Pandemic Time

Estimated Reading Time: 12 minutes Since the start of coronavirus, our homes have served as temporary workplaces, schools, gyms, and clubs. Most of people are spending more time at our homes, more than ever before. Our lifestyle have changed especially throughout the Quarantine’s lengthy period. Specifically it is the case when fewer people commuting and more people working from home. Therefore, our homes have a different function. In this article, we discuss various aspects of the topic with special examples. We show a scenes of the Cademix virtual home and apartment, also how we adapt and try to design home and apartment for pandemic time.
By Shahrbanoo Rajabi, Cademix Institute of Technology.

Overhaul Material Spare Parts Maintenance Management Oil refinery Sohrab Askari Cademix article

Spare Parts Management in Refinery

Estimated Reading Time: 15 minutes Management of required Materials, goods and spare parts for maintenance and overhaul projects in a petroleum oil refinery is the subject of this article. Here we talk especially about Spare Parts Management in overhaul projects – A Case Study in Oil Refining Companies. First, we talk about Maintenance and its various categories. Then we will briefly define overhaul projects in oil refineries. We will also focus on the management of required spare parts for overhaul projects as a special type of maintenance. After it, we will explain its mechanism.
By: Sohrab Askari (Associate Multidisciplinary Engineer at Cademix Institute of Technology, Austria)


Crawl Space or Underground Air Duct ?

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes Crawl space is an old way of preventing moisture from reaching the building. This method has many problems. But in the underground air duct method, we can direct moisture out of the building floor. I have used this method in many old and new buildings.

3D Artist,

3D Rigging of Logos for Character Animation: Practical Steps

Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes 3D rigging of logos for character animation is important and unique feature required for many brands. In this article we describe the steps, and analyze the details fr the Cademix logo. Further we describe the principles that improve both your rigging & modelling of a logo for animation.
By Onyinye Obiorah, Cademix Institute of Technology

Maryam Vanaee Pectin Extraction Review Cademix Magazine Article

Pectin Extraction – A Review

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes Pectin has lately been studied for many applications in the food sector, as well as in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. In this article we review the methods for pectin extraction and their application. Extraction of pectin using various approaches has proven to be a difficult task that has yet to be solved. Recent studies on pectin extraction utilizing different with the goal of capturing the state of the art on current pectin extraction research. Different acids have been discussed in relation to extraction procedure.
By Maryam vanaee, Cademix Institute of Technology

Zahra Kamali Article Cademix Rural Entrepreneurship

Rural Entrepreneurship

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes Rural Entrepreneurship deals with creating an infrastructure for creativity of talents living away from cities. In this article we discuss the advantages and disadvantages, and review of the personal experience in Iran. By Zahra Kamali

ophthalmology, slit lamp

Exploring Ophthalmology: Comprehensive Eye Care from Diagnosis to Treatment

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes Ophthalmology is a specialized field of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye diseases and disorders. This article provides an in-depth look at ophthalmology, covering various aspects such as eye examinations, common eye conditions, surgical procedures, and advancements in eye care.