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Roles of ISFJ and Defenders during Corona Pandemic

Defenders play the most important role during during Corona Pandemic. In this article we review a list of ten job titles related to ISFJ professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The list is mainly based on the strengths, personality traits and work preferences of the defenders during Corona.
By Rouhollah Salemi, Cademix Institute of Technology.

corona vs defenders

COVID-19 Pandemic

The earth has experienced many types of pandemics during earlier decades such as the Spanish Flu, Ebola, and now, COVID-19. The COVID19 pandemic significantly affects the existence of individuals all over the planet.This situation affects the society and the health of workers. In addition, it has an effect on personal health and yet it reaches to the social fields.Therefore, all nations take defensive measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Further, these decisions basically affect the worldwide economy, leaving many individuals in a condition of money insecurity and vulnerability about what’s to come. Without a doubt, all of these profoundly affects emotional well-being too. Therefore, governments prepare themselves for various crisis, such as social dissatisfaction and recession.

lock down the society

Psychological effects of corona pandemic

Here, we see a coincidence between prohibitive measures and spread of the infection. The Governments and legislatures continuously update and adapt the prohibitive measures. For instance, they regularly define restricted measures such as lock down and local social distancing regulations. These reduce the level of satisfaction and well-being of life. Furthermore, they increase the levels of tension, sadness, outrage, dread and stress in the society. Hence, it makes it a favorable place to increase mental illness in people. In the rest of this article, we will discuss the role of defenders in the community protecting others during corona pandemic.

Angel over the City

Who is the ISFJ – The Defenders during Corona

Myer Briggs personality type indicator is a standard psychological test for categorization of someone’s personality. This test is a measure for understanding the personality of a person. It can be used in a personal life as well as the professional career. According to the test, an “ISFJ Defender/protector “ possesses the Introverted, Observant, Sensitive, and Judging personality. In their own quiet way, these people are warm and humble. They’re responsible and efficient. In many ways, Defenders are the backbone of the modern workforce. Altruistic and well-rounded, no other personality type is so well-suited to be of service to others. It is no surprise that many Defenders are not just good at supporting their coworkers and customers in technical support positions. They genuinely enjoy it, as it gives them the chance to calm frustrations, see things through to a practical solution. Furthermore, we have included other details in our previous article.

team work

ISFJ in a Professional Team

The ISFJ character is driven by altruism and prefers a team work environment. This atmosphere allows them to pay attention to the needs of others. Their dependence on traditional values leads them to established roles, which have a specific purpose. Introverted tendencies make them best suited for solo roles or roles requiring working with a small team of like-minded people. They avoid attention and prefer to play supporting roles that allow them to stay in the background. ISFJs tend to choose supportive team roles. Although they are good leaders, they prefer to work behind the scenes makes them more inclined to focus on more details than on big ideas. On the non-technical side, the ISFJs are traditional, warm and caring. They search for structure in their professional lives and value stability. They like peace, harmonious environments and maintain traditional values, which they bring to the workplace.

ISFJ Job and Career Opportunities

he following is a list of ten offers for ISFJ professional competitions based on the strengths, personality traits and work preferences of this personality type:

1.Nurse 2. Bookkeeper 3. Interior Designer 4. Office Manager 5. Registered Childminder 6. Engineering 7. Administrative Assistant· 8. Nutritionist· 9. Customer Service Advisor· 10. Quality Control Inspector.

Let’s review the role of defenders in three of these jobs to help the society during the corona pandemic.

nurses are angels

Nurses- The Angels Forever

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses have important roles and responsibilities. They are the front-line of patient care in the hospitals and stay actively involved in community assessment and monitoring. Nurses and midwives serve society in every situations.So, we can say that They are the real defenders during corona. They are more than just healthcare professionals, rather they are mothers, sisters, siblings, and community leaders. In honor of nurses and midwives’ commitment to the profession, WHO has declared 2020, before the Corona pandemic, “International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife,”. Nurses and midwives remain at the front line of the fight against COVID-19 and provide basic medical services. This puts them at high risk for infectious diseases, including COVID19.

 Margaret Gwanzura, The COVID-19 Master

The COVID-19 Master

Working as a nurse during corona pandemic is the scariest time for these people. However, they remained determined and said, “We just have to keep going during this difficult time and we believe we will get through and make it with the limited resources we have.” The COVID19 pandemic completely changed the personal lives of nurses. For example, Margaret Gwanzura is a mother of four, grandmother of five, pastor, businesswoman, counselor, and most of all, a dedicated midwife at Marondera General Hospital. She started her career 30 years ago in 1981 at Mutare hospital. In 1985, she also trained as a licensed counselor for HIV/AIDS patients. To date, she has consulted for more than 85 patients. Margret is a well-known nurse in her community and now has a new nickname “COVID19 Master”.

How does Margaret live with pandemic?

During the pandemic, she had to close the small shop she owned that sold wedding accessories.Three of her close relatives have died and she was unable to attend their funerals due to COVID-19. In order to protect her five grandchildren, she stays with them. She taught them not to come in contact with her when she comes back from work. “When I am in town running my personal errands, I always pass through my local salon”, says Margret. “… and educate the women who will be getting their hair done on the best IPC measures to protect themselves from COVID-19. For instance, I always stress on the importance of wearing a mask in public, maintaining social distance together with washing hands,”

accountant during corona

Bookkeeper and accountant

A survey of several recruitment firms found that financial accounting, budgeting and data analyst roles are the top three priority positions employers look for during COVID19. In the form of a global crisis, pandemics have affected society at all levels as a whole. Therefore, there is an urgent need for assistance at all levels. individuals, businesses of all sizes, commercial and non-profit sectors, the public sector, governments and public institutions will need it. So, it provides a unique opportunity to fully understand and experience the potential of accounting and management systems and practices. These concepts justify difficult decisions and provide information to the government in emergencies like corona pandemic.


What about the COVID-19 ?

For this especial issue, corona pandemic, it is very important to examine how the governments use numbers, computational methods to manage the pandemic. Therefore, accounting and computational practices from budgets, performance reports, test data, and bio metric data to citizens will be very important. They play a profound role in empowering governments to “control the epidemic.” Therefore, during Corona Employers looking to play accountancy and finance roles over the next 12 months, nominated financial accounting and reporting as their most prioritized positions. In contrast, the roles of commercial analysts and human resource management were considered low priority.



You may be wondering what nutritionists have to do with the Corona pandemic. It is not a food borne illness and no diet or supplement can prevent it. Following the COVID-19 epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized the importance of proper diet and lifestyle measures. they include adequate nutrition, for the normal functioning of the immune system. Improper nutrition, due to insufficient intake of key nutrients, excessive energy consumption or poor overall diet quality can threaten immune system function and increase the overall risk of infection.

How can nutritionists and dietitians help us ?

For many people who do not deal with Covid-19, quarantine poses many challenges. For instance, food shortages as well as reduced frequency of food shopping trips. Therefore, Achieving a healthy diet and getting enough exercise is more difficult during this time. early evidence suggests that people at any age eat less healthy food. This is why it is important that nutritionists and public health professionals have to provide useful information and advice to the public. So, they help the society making the best use of the foods that they eat. They reach this purpose by promoting healthy and sustainable choices. During the Covid-19 epidemic, nutritionists shared many public health messages and worked with other organizations to raise awareness of public health issues. For example, nutritionists worry about vitamins and minerals such as status C and D among those who stay home for long periods of time.

Defenders in post corona Era

One day this pandemic situation will be over, as we have recovered from many other pandemic in the history. But the roles and the dedications that defenders committed to the society will stay. They are our heroes of the 2020s century and the societies will be heard from generations to generation. We are all thankful to them and we will never forget their all the thins they have done. The defenders will continue to support the society even after the corona and the companies may need to have similar situations during the economic crisis. Please share your opinion and experience with us, get involved in the social media discussions or contact the author for further correspondence regarding the same.

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Rouhollah Salemi Article ISFJ Role defenders during corona Cademix Magazine

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