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Rural Entrepreneurship

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Rural Entrepreneurship deals with creating an infrastructure for creativity of talents living away from cities. In this article we discuss the advantages and disadvantages, and review of the personal experience in Iran.
by Zahra Kamali, Cademix Institute of Technology

Introduction and description

Entrepreneurship is Challenging  to define. In the same vein, there are many definitions of it. For instance, for some people, it means taking risk. For others, it means as a market balancer. Moreover it may imply taking a chance for some; for others as a market stabilizer. To sum up, the entrepreneurship is a collection of factors below:

  • Introducing new products,
  • New method in the production process,
  • Opening a new market,
  • Discovering new resources,
  • Starting a new business in the industry.

Rural entrepreneurship is defined as “the creative use of rural resources and facilities to find out business opportunities. Certainly, this is a general definition of rural entrepreneurship, which is essentially the same as entrepreneurship in the city, with the only difference that these are often small businesses with a staff of 10 to 20 people. In short, it reduces many major issues in rural areas, however it has a positive effect on all aspects of rural life.

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Advantages and Social impact of Rural Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has the power to solve many key problems in rural lands. likewise, it has a positive impact on many elements of rural life. In addition, rural entrepreneurship helps to enhance the quality of lives. Above alI, it helps reducing the poverty by increasing income generation. According to Iran’s Statistics Center, 25.9% of the country’s population live in rural areas. That is nearly fourth of the country’s population. Therefore paying attention to the revitalization of the villagers in any ways of particular importance that entrepreneurship is at the top of it. In short, the benefits of entrepreneurship in the village are as follows:

  • requires less capital and financial resource
  • reduces the Migration to urban areas
  • reduces the unemployment
  • it makes it easier to plan
  • enables us to employ high potential people.

It is good to mention below is a list of proposed businesses commensurate with the potential of the village:

  • Planting organic crops
  • building a house
  • Cleaning service company
  • Packaging of beans
  • Supply of fresh eggs
  • Making dairy products from other livestock
  • baking  traditional cakes and cookies
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Requirements & implementation of Rural Entrepreneurship

Certainly , finding and learning entrepreneurial skills is the first stage in developing entrepreneurship. In addition, individual skills also have a big influence on this .In terms of job satisfaction and purpose, there is a direct relationship with people’s attitudes and desire to grow, which is not seen in the villagers. It is really difficult to change them. As a result, concentrating on Strengths and weaknesses of people and their points of view is critical. In addition, personal income as well as financial support from relatives can help speed up the process.Of course, due to the easier administrative rules in the villages my experience has proven that all of the fundamental business requirements in a rural setting are considerably easier to identify.In addition, overcoming the flowing challenges can accelerate the process:

  • Access to capital and facilities is limited.
  • Challenges with goods and service supply.
  • The support organization is low.
  • No attention is paid to non-agricultural sectors.
  • It is difficult to train skilled and efficient manpower
  • The desire for a single job is high

Equality, gender and minority balance

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From ancient times to the present, rural women have taken on many responsibilities.They work both at home and outside the home. For example, In addition to daily housework, they also do various activities in farms such as planting, holding and harvesting, some activities in livestock issues such as  grazing, milking, preparation of dairy products, foodstuffs, porcelain wool, spinning and preparation of clothing also raising silkworms and preparing silk or Knitted rugs, kilims and jajim.

Also, there are other daily activities. However, about 45% of these women do not receive direct wages! This shocking number clearly shows how rural women’s economic position is weak. In any case, the many activities of rural women do not provide them with sufficient cash. As a result, changing the thinking of rural women is the first and most key step in rural development .They have the necessary skills and experience to enter the labor force . So, with Correct teaching and an appropriate setting for them can help them achieve financial independence.

Sustainability (Local resources, HR)

According to the statistics obtained in the general censuses of the country .The unemployment rate of the villagers is rising. Above all , due to the arrival of rural labor in the city, several problems have been created in rural areas.Therefore , this is where the important and necessary value of jobs in the village is determined. With Entrepreneurship associated with the growth of farming,craft,cattle and poultry in rural areas. In addition, it can to the self-sufficiency of the country also create the ground for exports and the growth of startups in this field .

Villages like cities are full with new and unknown ideas all of which are easy to reach .Therefore , exploitation of these opportunities,as well as,the creation of new and active options are urgent to their survival. In addition Not only is finance a strong strategy for rural growth of income . but it is also less costly and more suited for rural areas than others.

Success Story – Conclusion on Rural Entrepreneurship

Our experience clearly represent the ideology of “Yes, We can”. The rural areas have the advantages of a clear infrastructure, that can adopt new ideas. We are very happy to share further details in this direction. Politicians see it as an important way to prevent rural unrest. In addition, the farmers see entrepreneurship as a tool to improve agricultural incomes. Moreover, women see it as an opportunity to work near their homes. Of course, for all these groups, entrepreneurship and employment are a means to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and communities. The result of its interaction is the creation of a healthy environment and economy.

About the Author

Zahra Kamali Article Cademix Rural Entrepreneurship

Zahra Kamali is a professional FoodTech Entrepreneur with Bachelor Degree in Cooking and Bakery from the Iran University of Applied Science. She has about 15 years of experience as a professional Chef and Registered and Licensed Healthy Food Manufacturer in Iran (Has the mark I.R.l.FDO/Health code151245). She is a entrepreneur and founder of the Trademark “Menipest”, founded in Mashhad, Iran. Her target groups were the rural areas in Baluchistan/Iran (away from City and Villages). This article comes out of her own personal experience. She is also a member of Cademix Career Autopilot program – the acceleration program.



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Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

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