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Best Career Choice Tips in 2021

By: Lindah Awuor, Cademix Editorial Team

Lindah Awuor Best Career Choice Tips Cademix Magazine

Settling for the best career choice may be challenging whether you’re diving into the job market as a new graduate or an experienced person looking to move direction. A successful job search involves an honest, careful investigation of the strengths and weaknesses, goals, and passions. The following are a couple of tips to help you navigate this daunting arrangement of business options.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” — Confucius

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The best advice we can give is that you choose a university degree that interests you. Not one that you feel obliged to study. Choose the one that feels right, which could lead you to a career that you know you’ll love. A job that will reward your spirit even as well as your bank balance once you are employed. If you have the ability, the interest, and the skills to enter the high tech industry, by all means, do that. But make sure that your enthusiasm and passion are on the front line. You may have the skills, and a high ambition, however those ingredients alone do not make a recipe for future success. Those ingredients and a detailed plan and external support are additional key considerations.

If the best career choice is too much of a pressure, here’s another option: pick a path that works best currently by making the right decision and understanding exactly that you can change your mind in the future. Getting started in today’s workplace doesn’t necessarily imply you have to stick to that profession for your entire life. Make an intelligent decision, and plan to reevaluate the line based on your long term objective.

Not yet on you best career choice?

In certain societies, people prefer to view a failure as a bad thing. The most obvious case is in schools, where the parents and teachers discourage the students from failing grades. In reality, the failure can be a positive development in the practical sense. Only think of Thomas Edison. He once said. “I have not failed ten thousand times — I have successfully found ten thousand ways that won’t work.”. What would have happened if he gave up after the 9999th attempt? Now recent studies show you will be more effective in the future if you fail early in your career.

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“Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.” — Robert H. Schuller

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Choosing a pathway for your future career can be hard. That’s why you need a mentor. Someone who have been in your situation, and made it through. The Cademix Institute of Technology is an example of organization that focuses on mentorship, and personalized training. Your best career choice is different than the best choice of your colleagues. You cannot copy your life. You should learn how to map a success and failure of others to a roadmap that works for you. Start by exploring your values, interests, personalities and skills. Also you should consider your strengths, and weaknesses as you compare your CV with a job description. Therefore, it’s never late to reconsider your plans and think out of the box. Join a few of Cademix events and let a mentor give you the first advice.

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