Rules to help you prepare for your next Zoom or Skype interview

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Rules to help you prepare for your next Zoom or Skype interview woman working with laptop online meeting
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Today, organizations may settle on perform interviews through Zoom or Skype. It is because remote positions or initial screening interviews tend to be more convenient, especially during this pandemic period. Since this interview style is different from a conventional in-person interview, it’s important to remember a few of this format’s variables. In this article, we share rules that will help you prepare for your next Zoom/ Skype interview.

How should you prepare for your next Zoom or Skype meeting

It doesn’t mean that you can prepare any less just because you’re interviewing Zoom. Instead, quality preparation is appropriate for in-person interviews is needed for virtual interviews as well. Essentially, you are responsible for designing the interview atmosphere when you engage in a virtual interview. So instead of taking place exclusively in one office, it takes place in two. The interview tips include

Prepare for your next Zoom or Skype interview like you would for an in-person interview. 

It doesn’t mean it’s not a real interview just because the interview is happening over Skype or Zoom. You will need to plan the same way you would if you were going into the office, other than arrangements for traveling to the interview. This means researching the organization and role, preparing to having smart interview questions, and asking your interviewer questions in return. Your interviewer is always searching for someone with whom they can see themselves interacting and who is passionate and informed about the position to which they apply. Be prepared to convince them why you are.

Get familiar with the tech to help you prepare for your next Zoom or Skype interview.

Getting familiar with the tech as you prepare for your next Zoom or Skype interview apple mobile phone headset

During a significant call, there is nothing worse than getting technical difficulties. That’s why it is necessary before your interview to get acquainted with Zoom or Skype software.

To start, install the software ahead of time on your phone or desktop. Get familiar with the fast start-up guide for new users if you’ve never used Zoom before.

Upload a professional-looking headshot when configuring your account and add your full name to your profile. When you enter the call for your chat, both will show, and you want to begin with a positive impression.

Set up a destruction free area

Without an elaborate backdrop, choose a quiet place to interview so that you can become the central focus on the screen. Eliminate everything behind you that can distract and leave it neutral. If you choose to interview in your house, make sure to keep the pets away from the interview room. Again, you have to inform everyone in the house that you will be in a meeting. There’s nothing less professional than asking your prospective boss to hold on while aiming your dog away from the camera.

Dress to impress

While you’re not going to be in person, it still refers to standard interview attire. You would like to look elegant and professional.

Bear in mind that specific colors and patterns don’t work well on camera when choosing what to wear. You will need to avoid busy designs, noisy jewelry, and stripes. For the best things to carry, consider this guide.

Don’t forget about your hair. To prepare for your next Zoom or Skype interview, you want to look and feel confident and relaxed, so refrain from making any drastic adjustments to your hair beforehand. Have a strategy as to how your hair is going to be handled and prepare in advance.

Choose a professional background. 

Professional background of a Zoom or Skype meeting girl talking on the phone happy

You’re dressing up for an interview, huh? And you’ve probably appropriately dressed for your video interview. Your background should not be messy to the point that it can ruin your well-presented appearance.

You may be willing to take one of two context approaches. One is to keep things clear. For example, a blank wall. They’re dull, but they’re neutral. The other choice, better, is to build a history that says something about who you are as an applicant. If you have a mentor or you are a part of a career autopilot program, you can discuss it with them.

Check on the date, time, and timezone.

Owing to a timezone mix-up, the last thing you want to do is miss your interview. So check the company’s email to make sure you have put the appointment on your schedule at the right time, on the right day.

This is an easy move, but a lot of possible humiliation and hassle can be avoided.

You would not like to miss the interview and have to reschedule it, so check it all and never presume you’re all in your timezone. If it’s a big business, you could be interviewed with people from other office locations. 

Look into the camera while speaking.

Looking into the camera as you take your Skype or Zoom interview

Maintaining eye contact with your interviewer during an in-person interview is a sign of trust and respect. Video chat leaves this a little unique because it doesn’t always look like that on their end if you were to look them in the eye on your phone. Look at the camera as you talk, instead. This generates the illusion that, rather than yourself or the screen, you are looking at them.

Don’t interject

Interjecting is minimally intrusive in a face-to-face interview. As toddlers, we knew how to time our interruptions, after all precisely. But in a video interview, before jumping in, it is best to let the hiring manager or recruiter finish their thinking. Even when you want it to be gentle and friendly, a slight lag will throw off the flow and make your interjection sound like a rude interruption.

Watch your tone

Practice talking slowly and clearly before your interview. Even if you have a fantastic internet connection, the Zoom call could cut out here and there for a fraction of a second, and if you’re speaking slowly and not running through your answers, you’ll be much easier to understand.

It will also make you appear more calm and comfortable, which will be loved by the hiring manager.

Pay attention to your body language.

One advantage of someone using video chat instead of a phone call is that you’ll see each other’s body language. Stand up straight with your hands in your lap and your feet on the floor during your interview. You can also use your hands when you talk if that’s normal for you—using nonverbal signs such as nodding and laughing to indicate that you are listening as your interviewer talks.

The best body language for your Skype or Zoom interview Javad Zarbakhsh group call

Follow up

Much as at the end of an in-person interview, following up after the interview is essential. Before an applicant is offered the job, please don’t be shy. Traditional recruiting practices take multiple rounds of interviewing to inform your interviewer of your continuing interest in securing their business position. Follow up not later than 24 hours after your interview is completed.

Follow up by writing to each member of the interviewing committee a personalized thank you letter. If a handwritten note is not your style, it is much easier to follow up by email than to not follow up at all. With a thoughtful thank you note in your request, it’s also good practice to add the team on LinkedIn.

You’ll feel more secure and comfortable in your Zoom or Skype interview if you follow the rules above, and you’ll get more work offers! If you have any question, feel free to join our upcoming group coaching events.

It is just like every interview at the end of the day. It would help if you had great answers to offer. You can also ask amazing questions. Before going into the discussion, just ensure that you are comfortable with the technology to concentrate on specific tasks. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

No matters how much you know the topics theoretically, you need to practice. If you have the possibility to arrange a test interview, with your friends, your mentors or your supervisor. You can also join any career acceleration program that gives you the chance to practice an interview.

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