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Austria : Top destination for Pakistani graduates

By: Shabraz Ahmed, BWI Consultants, Pakistan, Cademix Representative in Rawalpindi / Islamabad

We support Pakistani students to improve their international careers, by suggesting them the best information, best options, best return of investment. Certificates, non-degrees and training programs at Cademix Institute is among the highly recommended options.

Why we support Pakistani students?

Out of the millions of international students, worldwide, Pakistani students are among the ones who prevail when it comes to enrolling in a foreign university or an institute. Due to an unstable education system with a low number of universities that don’t provide too many specializations and few employment opportunities in their own country, students from Pakistan choose to enlarge their horizons and study abroad.
The top country among countries in Europe for study where Pakistani students choose to go abroad is Austria.

Pakistani students feel welcomed in Austria

Austria and Pakistan have old social and political ties that go back to 1976 when the Austro-Pakistan Society was set in Vienna. As a result, the two countries have many close connections and seldom collaborate for social, cultural and scientific events.
Naturally, coming from Pakistan, you’ll feel welcomed and you’ll also encounter plenty of Pakistan immigrants in Austria.

Live in one of the safest country in the world

Safety may be an important issue and criteria for prospective international students. Well, if you’re looking for a safe country to live in, Austria is the place to be. With a very low crime rate, Austria manages to keep a peaceful and serene environment that’s visible in people’s attitude as well. Although Austrians are not particularly friendly, they are certainly helpful when needed.

Vienna named most livable city for the tenth time! Each year, the international consulting firm Mercer carries out a study to assess the quality of life in 231 cities around the world. The results of the study in 2019 once again gave Vienna top marks and made the Austrian federal capital the most livable city in the world for the tenth time in a row.

“Vienna scores with its very good medical care and an extremely broad range of cultural and leisure activities”.

Vienna Donaube City Donaustadt 3D View

The Austria is the most secure place in the Europe, where students travel to this country to pursue higher education. We support Pakistani students in this country to seek education and employment. The Cademix Institute of Technology meets your educational and career development needs.

آسٹریا یورپ کا انتہا ئی محفوظ مقام ہے، جہاں اعلیٰ تعلیم کے حصول کے لیے طلبہ اس ملک کا رخ کرتے ہیں. ہم پاکستانی طلبہ کو اس ملک میں تعلیم اور ملازمت کے حصول کے لیے تعاون فراہم کرتے ہیں. Cademix Institute of Technology آپ کی تعلیمی ضروریات پوری کرتا ہے.

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