Welcome to Cademix Institute of Technology, the premier Education 4.0 Institute in the Heart of Europe. The Cademix offers wide range of educational and career acceleration programs in Science, Engineering, Management, Entrepreneurship and Digital Art. In Cademix, we put special focus on interdisciplinary future and emerging technologies, especially the Computer Aided Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Mixed Multimedia. The Education system of Cademix is an advanced groundbreaking Implementation of the 3rd Generation University Style and Industry 4.0.

Cademix is planned to fill the gap between Academia and Industries with specific technology and cultural adaptation required in Europe. The Cademix Career Acceleration Programs, which run parallel to the vocational and certified programs, aim toward upgrading and accelerating the skill set of the graduates and post-graduate students toward the most In-Demand and highly paid positions in industry.

The Industry 4.0 and the 3rd Generation University Style define new standards for academic achievements. In Cademix, we measure our success, not based on the number of historical publications in scientific journals, but rather in term of the actual employability of our graduates, the job offers they receive, and the unique interdisciplinary skill sets currently required World Wide.

We constantly try to challenge ourselves to offer the courses with the highest quality, best return on invest and maximum flexibility for the students. Some of the initiatives include “Lower Tuition Fees for Low Income Countries”, “Optional Choices for Program Types and Program Formats”, and “365-Day Open Registrations” just to mention a few.

There are so many exciting initiatives underway at Cademix Institute of Technology, as we open 20+ course programs, across 4 departments of ICT & Engineering, Physics, Engineering Management and Digital Art in this year, with lots of career-ready certified programs. Most of programs are unique in Europe specially as they are offered in English, and the contents are flexibly designed for mass personalization. Cademix is equipped with cutting edge information and communication technologies to offer unique curriculum for each and every student. We are committed to understand and respect the values, interests, personalities and prior skills of our students. So the students get the best support just like our business partners.


The contents of course programs are optimally compressed, so the Cademix Students receive the required and unique expertise in several months instead of traditional Master of Science degrees and industrial internships, which would equivalently takes three to five years. As an analogy, if we consider the education as a Product, Asset and an Investment, then Cademix offers a highly reduced Time to Market and increased Return on Investment.

While we already have enough experts and lecturers in each field, we always welcome new colleagues and encourage the industrial decision makers and experts worldwide, to join our network, contribute as lecturer or members of scientific advisory board and help us with improving the System further. We also encourage the Funding Bodies and industries to support us further, sponsor the activities and celebrate the success with us.

The Cademix direct connection with industry and the workforce bring advantages to our network learning, innovation and engagement. The Students have access to internships, externships, community field work, capstone projects, exciting lab experiences, and advisors that bring industry experience directly into the classroom and projects.

Whether you are a prospective student or parent, a researcher from various fields, a company looking to partner in nurturing the most talented workforce, or a donor looking to make a transformative investment, we welcome you to Cademix. You will find us to be an organization committed to excellence, innovation, and customer-oriented. Please come and visit us, or request an appointment on-site or online.


Javad Zarbakhsh, Ph.D.
Cademix Institute of Technology

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