Narendra Singh Interview

Success Story: Narendra Singh

Estimated Reading Time: 19 minutes Cademix Success Story, Interview with Narendra Singh, Moving from Jaipur, India to Austria, working with Prof. Zarbakhsh, and lots of experience…

3D Printing Clogging Zones

Solution to 3D Printing Filament Clogging

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Cademix Institute of Technology’s study introduces an efficient solution to the persistent problem of filament clogging in desktop 3D printers. By fine-tuning the size of heat sink fins to 20mm, the researchers successfully minimized the problematic Zone 2 in the printer head, where filament begins to soften. This optimization is pivotal in maintaining the appropriate temperature gradient within the printer head, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted 3D printing operations.