The Cademix Department of Physics offers strong interdisciplinary programs in research and teaching, with special focus on computational science. The course programs are available at various levels, from graduate to Postdoc levels.

There is also the wide range of possibilities to do adjunct and sabbatical programs. Feel free to contact us and propose your ideas for collaboration and partnership.

Research Topics & Study Programs at Cademix Department of Physics

Educational and Research Programs

Computational Physics

Postgraduate Program in Computational Physics is a bridge for physics graduates (Bachelor, Master or PhD), who wish to continue their …

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Sustainable Urban and Energy Planning

Study Program:Postgraduate Program on Sustainable Urban and Energy Planning(Certificate: Cademix Certified - Sustainable Urban and Energy Planner)[URIS id=332] Why study Sustainable …

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Biomimetics and Bioinformatics Engineering

Study Program:Postgraduate Program on Biomimetics and Bioinformatics Engineering(Certificate: Cademix Certified - Biomimetics and Bioinformatics Engineer)[URIS id=332] Why study Biomimetics and Bioinformatics …

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