Cademix Payment Plans: Tailored Options for Every Need

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Explore Cademix’s unique payment plans tailored for career acceleration, university admissions, startups, and more. Whether it’s the Fixed Stage Payment Plan, the flexible Membership Plan, or the Goal-Based Payment Plan designed for achievements, Cademix offers personalized options, including a custom mixed plan. Discover a pathway that fits your goals, financial situation, and commitment.

General Terms and Conditions AGB

General Terms and Conditions (AGB)

Estimated Reading Time: 13 minutes Discover the terms and conditions for comprehensive services offered by Cademix Institute of Technology, including career acceleration, development, and job placement programs, all backed by a lean organizational structure and AI assistants to help job seekers achieve their goals.

Cademix Acceleration Program for Makers

Acceleration Program for Makers

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Experience the Cademix Acceleration Program for Makers, an innovative platform where creators can publish their work in our magazine, transform their projects into profitable startups, and even turn their expertise into certified education programs. Located in a cost-effective environment, we provide a fully-featured accelerator and business incubator for makers, offering you a unique opportunity to shine in the global scene.