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Cademix introduces a new career autopilot system for jobseekers, graduates and students

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Cademix Career Autopilot is an all-in-one personalized Career upgrade, coaching and mentoring system developed. It targets professional job seekers, University freshers, postgraduates; no matter if the candidate is a fresh graduate or a professional with 10+ years’ experience. In this article, we describe the agile approach in career development. Further, we compare the three variations of the program: Career Autopilot Basic, Career Autopilot Regular, and Career Autopilot Plus. 
By Joby Anotney and Javad Zarbakhsh

Cademix Institute of Technology is launching an incredibly exclusive career autopilot program for graduates who are looking for career excellence. The goal of the new career autopilot system is bringing greater clarity and consistency to one’s career journey; no matter if the person is a fresh graduate or a professional with 10+ years’ experience.

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Career Gap between Academia and Industry

Despite modern technological development, there is a sizable gap between academia and industry. The gap spans from technology readiness levels and problem solving approaches; all the way to the soft skills, communication techniques and customer oriented mindset. The synchronization of the entire academia-industry ecosystem is not really effective, even in developed countries. It is because most educational institutions are mainly contemplating on the completion of the traditional predefined-syllabus. Thus, the main focus is on finishing the curriculum and exams. Essentially, they aim to cover up specific amount of information during a specified period. It is well known in both academia and industry that the ideology toward offering quality controlled and certified degree programs have become a rigid obsession, which is practically far away from the actual requirements of the job market.

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Though there have been new initiatives and trends which are trying to minimize the gap between industry and academia, the efficacy and transparency of such programs is still unclear for many. This is one of the key reasons more than a half of the pass outs are jobless from top ranked universities. Not to forget that even those freshers, who are lucky to find jobs hardly use a small portion of the knowledge given to them during the university degree programs. Therefore there are lots of legitimate concerns regarding career choices, investment on traditional education, and validity of career perspectives. 

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Career Transition and Upgrade

Career transition not only requires a qualification but also some personalized pathways, internships, certifications, mentoring as well as upgrading of the professional skill sets. Therefore, career development pathways are no longer optional luxury. An ardent job seeker needs a personalized career program that can only be assessed during a one-to-one counseling session with a mentor. The outcome of such meeting can define the pathways required to improve or upgrade the employability of the person.

The Cademix Institute of Technology is trying to fill up this vacuum by inventing an innovative solution. The career autopilot system that comes with a personalized goal and individual curriculum for career aspirants. As of now, there is no other educational institute substitutes Cademix career booster. It comprises all actions inevitable for a person’s career advancement by offering adequate resources, tools, projects, certifications, and recommendations.

Multiple Agile Cycles

The Agile Approach in Cademix Career Autopilot

The Career Autopilot is based on an agile approach, which is well known for its efficiency in software development and rapidly growing IT industry. The approach includes a continuous iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between cross-functional teams. Just like a software company that continuously offers new versions of a software into the market, a Job seekers candidate in the Cademix Career Autopilot continuously improves the CV and applies to various employers, until it finds a position. The team including the Job seeker, the mentor and other supporting personals / advisors. They regularly work in a team and continue the iterative actions. It is a hard team work, until they achieve enough job interviews, successful job offers, and secure the first salary. 

Career Autopilot System of Cademix

We are all different people, with different values, interests, personalities and skills. Some people try to find everything by themselves. It doesn’t matter if they need assistance or any new technology at the doorstep. They are basically self-driven power houses and they find their target by their own means and routes. However, not all individuals are equal. The backup system necessitates everyone in its own way.

The career autopilot system thus derived focusing on an individual prerequisite. So, we broadly categorize the system into three:

(a)    Career Autopilot Basic (CAB)

(b)   Career Autopilot Regular (CAR)

(c)    Career Autopilot Plus (CAP)

Before deepening into the terms, it is good to understand the diagram of the career Autopilot system. It is a full facilitation process to help individuals to help themselves in inventing a new career path. The diagram explains by itself the paramount factors and areas of career autopilot.

Career Autopilot Basic

Career Autopilot Basic (CAB) is a personalized coaching and mentoring system developed for professionals and experienced job seekers. It specifically targets tech experts, with profound expertise in one or multiple technical and managerial fields, currently required in the industry. The professional job seekers in this category already have the extensive technical and organizational knowledge and expertise from previous work experiences. Therefore, they do not necessarily need a major career upgrade on the technical side. The CAB works like an express system and brush-up training in exploring new areas of the job market. It also includes major preparation for the next job applications, next interviews and next contract negotiations. 

The CAB is a helping hand and mentoring for those who want to be in charge of their career development. It is suitable for those job seekers who have major self-esteem and want to take maximum responsibility toward themselves. They usually appreciate the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and DO-It-My Way approaches. In another word, they prefer to do most of the job search by themselves, while they wish to have a mentor, a buddy or companion on their sides. 

In the Career Autopilot Basic (CAB), the main focus is on the final stages of the application process. This specifically includes a strategic planning, personal branding, and interview preparation. Therefore, we recommend the CAB for those who already have some years of work experience. They also have multiple experience from recent interviews, and currently have all the time and resources to fully take care of the responsibility of their application procedure. 

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Career Autopilot Regular 

Career Autopilot Regular (CAR) is the all-in-one personalized Career upgrade, coaching and mentoring system developed for professional job seekers, University freshers, postgraduates, and those who have some level of work experience. Usually, this category of job seekers have some experience of job applications; while they are not yet at a level to receive substantial invitations to job interviews. Therefore the focus should be on improving the multi-disciplinary skills, career upgrade and improving the employability. 

It is also applicable for current postgraduate University students (mainly Master’s or equivalent), the  PhDs / Postdoc researchers. In addition, it is suitable for those who have done a few industrial internships, and ready to seek a permanent job. It is also the recommended program for those professional job seekers moving into new eras. Here, a new era may refer to a new job market, a new continent, a new country or a new industrial sector. 

The CAR is an all-in-one package for a candidate who needs complete back up in the career journey. It demands special dedication, time investment and several actions from the candidate. Very critical is that the candidate gets involved in the actions toward improving the employability. Therefore, it perfectly works with another Job, in parallel to a University program, a thesis, or while the candidate is attending another certification program, language course, etc.

Employability and Multidisciplinary skills

CAR is a service package that includes multiple pathway programs or the so-called mini-internships. The mini-actions such as micro-learning, training or workshops mainly aim to achieve a higher employability. The candidate has the choice to choose multiple projects and specializations from the list of available options. During the programs, the candidate receives the required support and resources to do the projects, publish the results, finally get certifications and recommendation letters.  

The industrial project or mini-internships are typically short time projects. Practically they are doable within a few days to few weeks. They can be initiated by the candidates, by the mentor, based on the industrial requirements or according to any specific target job descriptions. 

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Career Autopilot Plus

Career Autopilot Plus (CAP) is an advanced variation of Career Autopilot that includes both Academic and Industrial career advancement. A typical example are fresh graduates, who wish to start a study abroad (in Europe). Alternatively, they may go for a students (Schengen) visa and in parallel search for a job and further career advancements. In this case, we have two targets. First, we need all the tasks and actions included in the regular career Autopilot. Second, we want to secure a university admission and long term visa. The combination is also available for those who want to continue their studies in another Bachelor Program, Master’s Program, MBA, PhD or other university programs. The same applies to the candidate who specifically seeks a fully funded PhD position or Postdoc fellowship at a University or a research center. 

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Requirements and the Return on Investment

One of the ways to figure out if a product or service is worth the time and money is to calculate the return on investment (ROI). You can calculate it for any college education, training program or coaching session. The ROI is a metric that measures the effectiveness of the return on an investment but also compares it to other investments. Very important is to consider both financial investment and the time investment. 

Let’s consider the requirements of the Program. Unless other programs that set hard requirements for admission, the Cademix Career Autopilot family has a few basic requirements: 

  • You have finished 3+ years of study at a university or equivalently 5 years of skilled work experience. This makes you an equivalent to European Bachelor Degree.
  • You can fluently talk and communicate in one of the languages English OR German.
  • You are a serious job seeker, and you have the time and financial resources to support you throughout the program. 
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The Return on Investment of each program highly depends on you, your career goals, your resources and the support you need. You should help yourself and see which package fits you best. If you are not sure, you can start with a “First Session” and upgrade it to other packages. You can also join any of the free info events or group coaching sessions to personally receive a taste of the program.

About Cademix

Cademix Institute of Technology, a distinctive tech organization with headquarters located in Austria encompassing six business sectors related to High Tech and Computer Aided Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and mixed Media.

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