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Engineers & IT Graduates to Europe

Art of making a smart move with your career during post pandemic period
Joby Antoney article Engineers & IT Graduates to Europe: Art of making a smart move with your career during post pandemic period

By Joby Antoney, Vienna

What does the future of work look like for job seekers during the post-Covid period? Uncertainty prevails everywhere. Query remains unanswered for industrial experts even. It is tricky to predict what tomorrow will look like. Whereas what is certain is that some visible changes are coming to our world at large and, specifically, to the working culture with every industry. Changing priorities and changing careers are emerging like never.

An Austrian industry expert Dr Javad Zarbakhsh recommends a formula for active job seekers and fresh graduates to make use of the time in preparing themselves and skill up the areas that give them a competitive edge in the career transformation. When a recession-proof career is the goal, a simple solution is that the aspirants can take a guaranteed pathway that fetches them results and at the same time financially appeases them. In fact, staying relevant and multifaceted in the job market is the key.

What we can do

In this article, the thrust area is given to professionals who are fresh science graduates, job seekers who have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and IT. The recommendations help such aspirants to accelerate their technical career in the German speaking countries and in Europe in general.

Our partner institute helps the IT graduates or multi-disciplinary engineering talents to get them renewed, polished, and accelerated to the demands of the industry. These are basically short-term programs that are leading to jobs across Europe. The program essentially has a goal that suits and fits your aspirations and the aspirants are facilitated to create it in consultation with the technological experts and career mentors at the institute.

Approach to the job market

It is a very individualistic Training and Coaching Program, which gives you the skills, tools, connections, and insights to boost your employability in the high-tech industry. It is a perfect choice for those who want to change their career path or simply move from academia to the high tech industry. Career change is challenging but it is the planned effort that creates the pathway more personal and professional in surpassing the challenge.


Predominant areas for career during post pandemic period

ICT & Engineering (Computer Simulation Engineering/ Computer Aided Manufacturing and 3D Printing/ Data Science, Deep Learning and Machine Learning/ Industry 4.0/ IoT, AI and Smart Infrastructure/Computer Assisted Mechatronics and Robotics/Industrial Software Engineering/ ICT in Health Care and Medical Engineering

Physics (Computational Physics/ Computational Mechanics and Lightweight Engineering/ Computational Material Science and Engineering Bioinformatics and Bio-Inspired Engineering Acoustics and Noise Reduction Materials Computational Photonics and Semiconductor Physics/ multi-physical Energy Planning and Sustainable Development


Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Technical Language Course/Tech Career Acceleration Program/High Tech Entrepreneurship/Industrial and Agile Project Management/ Research, Development and Innovation Management/ Computer Aided Education and Modern Didactic Technologies/ Technology Leadership and Team Development

Digital Art (Digital Art and Digital Media/ Computer Aided Interior Design/ Digital Film Production/ 3D Modelling, Animation and Visual Effects/ Computer Aided Industrial Product Design/ Digital Marketing and Advertising


Thesis Engineering Playground Unsplash

How do we go

This is flexible and with lower fees, scholarship oriented and one to one. The point here is that the institute helps the candidates to capitalize on their strengths so that together they make the feasible decisions and based on the capacity the financial areas are settled during the process.  

To know more about some comprehensive career packages for job seekers and fresh graduates, please get in touch with our associate career advisor.


Joby Antoney

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