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Career Development Plan during Covid-19

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In this article we review Career Development Plan during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Further, we describe importance of Career Development Plans, roadmap, industrial requirements, and how to set career goals.
By Cademix Editorial Team

The Importance of Career Development Plans

A career development plan may take many different shapes, but the objective is always to encourage your workers to grow with the firm while also providing a forum for open debate and future planning. Implementing a career development program at work is a great approach to show your employees that you care about their professional goals, job happiness, and livelihood while also fostering a good and supportive workplace culture.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) identified 18 specific characteristics that must exist in the workplace for employees to be engaged in a study on job satisfaction. Training, professional growth, and career development accounted for four of the seven lowest-rated circumstances. A crucial finding regarding job satisfaction and employee engagement levels is that 89 percent of U.S. employees are somewhat or very content with their present job position, and an employee engagement index of 3.9 suggests a moderately engaged workforce, according to this research.

career development plan

Set a career goals

Setting SMART goals is the first step in career development. It include specific, measurable, achievable relevant and timely bound career development goals. While creating a career plan is time-consuming, it will pay off from a few perspectives. One of them is in terms of assisting you in determining where you want to go next with your career. Another one is what you need to do to get there. Even if you haven’t yet discovered your ideal job, creating and implementing an employee career development plan may help you stay motivated at work by allowing you to create real goals to get there. For the reader we highly recommend the following reference and article in Indeed (

Roadmap for career development

Industrial requirement

Attention to industrial needs is an essential factor in the development of the career for the job seeker. We must take into account the genuine industrial demands and current requirements, which are mainly mentioned in job descriptions. This is something we routinely discuss in the context of our Cademix career autopilot program. You should review it together with your mentor. Further you should revise the objectives and targets on a regular basis.

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Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

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