Learning by Doing Ahmad Atash Afzoon Cademix Career Autopilot Event Advantage Austria

Learning By Doing

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In this article, we are going to talk about a topic that is a method of learning known as learning by doing.
By Ahmad Atash Afzon, Cademix Institute of Technology

In this method we learn more effectively when we actually do the activity. Learning by doing (LBD) is a method of learning that learners can connect with their environment in order to adapt and learn.

Learning by Doing Ahmad Atash Afzoon Cademix Career Autopilot Event Advantage Austria

What exactly is Learning by Doing, and why is it so important to implement?

LBD is active, hands-on, and engaging for all members of a learner’s group. The goal of this teaching approach is for learners to construct mental models.

Children in a Chemistry lab

It allows for “higher-order” performance such as applied problem-solving and the transferring of information and skills.

Firstly we learn more easily when remember in different ways. However, it means that we learn better when we are in movement, when we communicate. In conclusion, actually we retain longer and faster when we play games. We learn new things all the time and in every domain of our life. We know to use new technologies, software, new skills at work, and more. Most of these are easy to understand, apply, and depend on previous knowledge and skills.

How can we put this method into practice?

Educated people can enter the labor market as skilled and practical persons; nevertheless, they must obtain the necessary results through the greatest educational system.

Designing a realistic process that is relevant to people’s lives and experiences is important for us. This is the most effective strategy for achieving the goal. As mentioned, A highly motivated mentor will teach you the fundamental ideas. And with the mentor’s support you will be able to complete the project in the shortest amount of time.

group of students learning and practicing a homework

To be effective, you must first establish a framework for LBD. When you have some experience with the particular subject, LBD is effective.

It works because the strategy allows you to actively engage with the information and piece by piece acquire knowledge for yourself. In this strategy, the first step is to learn something, and the second step is to do it.

In order To learn faster and quicker than normal, we must divide knowledge and skills into manageable parts and focus on small bits of knowledge. This is a good approach to learn easy new things.

We actually attention to industrial needs as a essential factor for all people who want to apply a position in the job seeker field. we must take into account the unique benefits of LBD for improvement our skills which are mainly mentioned about that. This is something we routinely use in the Cademix career autopilot program.

Learning by doing has a number of benefits;

learning  method learn approach

– Real experiences motivate learners

As a first advantage, learners will be highly motivated while completing the actual experience.

– Fun and learning are together

– All five senses are activated

– Encourages a problem-solving mindset

Problem solving mentality or attitude is very valuable.

– Improve your creative thinking

– Encourages group learning

As we know we learn through a learning cycle, according to experiential learning theory. Our experience sets the foundation for thinking. We form opinions about the world based on our reflections. We also put the concepts to the test to determine if they are true, and then we have a new experience.

Following examples are about to learning by doing

We can Learn a foreign language just by doing.

Learning a Programming language.

A musician can learn a Musical instrument.

Learning by Doing is Agile

Learning by doing is a practical and agile process.  You will never know how many times it’s required to learn a specific topic. It may take two or may take twenty to learn and practically Master the topic. The Process of agile development is a repetitive process. Just like developing software,  we can always go from one version of learning to another version. For example when we apply the method of LBD by doing in career development, We can speak of moving from one version of your CV to another version. 

Practically we use this method in the Cademix career autopilot program. The participants of the program have weekly meetings with their mentor To improve their technical skills as well as their soft skills. The learning procedure is always a learning by doing approach. 

Starting with Learning by Doing

All of this implies that you must maintain an open mind and figure out how to learn quickly in a way that works for you. Here are a few helpful hints to start the learning by doing:

  • Concentrate on one change at a time.
  • Clearly state your assumptions.
  • To make improvement, use experimentation and feedback.
  • Do something practical to gain comprehension.
  • Make it enjoyable and apparent.

About the author

This author is a very interested person to teach all people who want to learn something by doing. Ahmad Atash Afzon is a graduate of electrical engineering from Iran, currently a member of Cademix Career Autopilot Program. He has years of experience in the field of simulation of electrical protection system. Ahmad has more than 9 years of experience working in oil Refineries, Design of Protection systems, power Distribution panels and control circuits of electromotors.

He has also extensive knowledge of Matlab programming, including visualization techniques and how to Create animation in Matlab. Please feel free to contact him, if you have any inquiries a question about the topic.


Email: ahmad.atashafzon21@gmail.com



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