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Luxury Sale Channel Manager – Professional Work from Home

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Luxury sector can be hit hard by the crises like Covid-19. But this can be an opportunity for you if you are already in this business. You just need to make a smart move and adapt your business focus.

Get in touch with Cademix if you are among models, influencers, luxury sale managers, brand manager luxury lead generator, luxury funnels and digital marketers , Jewelry sales associate, premium consultants , luxury travel planner, Luxury property & estate manager, Luxury and brands sales manager, graduate of private schools / colleges, life style blogger , social media advertising and Youtubers, National TV star, actors / actress.

Why Cademix need Luxury Sales Managers?

Cademix offers very personalized services, There is no mass Education. Every single student is considered as a business customer, and the service are all Exclusive. As a consequence the services are in higher Class and many Customers or Students many not be able to afford it. In many societies it may be considered as a Luxury Item to get a personalized education or service. Therefore Cademix plan to incorporate Sale Managers who are familiar with Luxury and Brand sales and Marketing.

How to applynow? Sinply Go to LinkedIn: Drop a message “I am interested” or ‘I apply’ on the relevant post post. Also connect with us in LinkedIn so you will get more info. You can also and connect with us – add our LinkedIn with a short personalized note, highlighting a few of your expertise. We promise we will consider ALL applications from anywhere in the world.

Apply by Email: Simply apply and Send you CV to Do not forget to mention the Job Tile

About the Job:

Cademix recruiter/representative or Sales Manager role, it is not a full time salary-based job. It is a freelance, part time role. You can either select the commission based option or a Milestone/Contract based.

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

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