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AI Robots

Meet AI Robot Recruiters in your next job application

Before you could even get close to your next job interview, you need to get through a number of AI Robot Recruiters and other AI tools that screen candidates for a new job. Experts share ten major do's and don't you need to know to have an AI safe application. 

According to a recent studies done at Cademix, almost all Fortune 500 businesses and a growing number of smaller businesses, process resumes using AI Robot Recruiters, before they even bring it to a human hiring manager. This robot or system also known as applicant tracking system (ATS). The CoVID19 and the resulting Lockdown has magnified the effect. Therefore it’s only a matter of time until AI-enabled methods become even more like a very common practice. Many bigger companies are already using AI-candidate screening tools that focus on the candidate as a whole, and not just a CV. They will become more widely used as these tools become more mainstream and affordable.

AI affects many of the recruitment and hiring procedures. It involves screening and shortlisting of applicant resumes, which is somewhat different from using AI-powered chatbots to coordinate activities and schedule interviews. The hiring managers have already recognized that computer programs, AI and machine learning can be incredibly efficient in identifying the most qualified individuals in the candidate pool, thus offering recruiters the opportunity to efficiently focus their time and resource on more meaningful tasks and build relationships with the best-fit candidates. The managers are primarily responsible for the success and efficient use of corporate resources. Moreover, who cares if the AI robot disqualifies any of the highly qualified applicants who by chance do not use the right application formats?

AI Robot Duel

What does that mean for the candidate on the other side of those hiring efforts driven by machines? IT-savvy leaders are offering career mentoring may become more critical than ever before. Therefore, they can give you the right advice to ensure that your resume is optimized to your advantage for AI screening – and additionally to avoid some common mistakes and misconceptions. Consider the do and don’t of these:

1. Don’t use abbreviations and acronyms

Just for a second put yourself in the shoes of a CV screening robot, and try to understand this: “2015 Grad B.Eng 90%GPA – Eng.Dep. JNU, India.” – It is absolute nonsense from an AI point of view. The reality is that the applicants should highlight all their technical and soft skills relevant to their particular job application. Applicant tracking systems map the keywords from job ads to resumes to identify applicants who are ideally suited to the position. In math we know the process as a correlation function. Although recently many AI tools have certain levels of semantic and synonymous capabilities, they may not always detect a perfect match between job descriptions and resumes. Therefore, you need to consider the optimum match and difference to the original job description. 

2. Don’t even try to trick the system

It is extremely necessary to stay honest during an application process. We know that certain crazy candidates try to apply for multiple positions in a company, with a small adjustment to their email address, name or CV, as they believe it might increase their chance. Well, you should know that most application monitoring systems are built to detect and report similar profiles. The technology can simply flag you as spam, and affect your chances. In that case you may not even receive a reply from that company.

Known Lesson from SEO

3. Differentiate your application from the competition

Most job seekers believe that using similar keywords used in the job ad, and the 100 per cent copying would get them past the screening step. That’s obviously not the case. In contrast, the applicants should base their resumes on their unique accomplishments, interdisciplinarity and differentiators. Ideally they should avoid overloading their resume with the same keywords from the job description, as this can be identified by advanced applicant tracking systems and it could have potential for poor reflection on the application. Even mentioning your skill sets from other sections of an innovation cycle can be very beneficial as the employers are aware that the added values come from multidisciplinary talents. 

You may additionally reconsider to avoid overused terms such as creativity or Innovation. When a system goes through a document set, it would typically sort out terms that are used by other people or redundant terms. If everyone wrote the words ‘management,’ ‘research,’ ‘innovative,’ or ‘leadership,’ the algorithm could filter out those words, even if they are important to the text being analyzed. Bear in mind that AI programs are typically not designed to filter out serious, unique applications. Therefore, judging it is practically left to a human hiring manager.

4. Don’t take it personal

Rejection of the application will intensify the feeling of “why me?” in everyone. Yet remember that rejection is nothing personal, before you start putting yourself down.

You definitely haven’t got the work, or not even a meaningful justification or an answer. But that’s probably only because someone else actually matched the little bit better with the criteria. Often it’s a matter of competition, rather than just personal success. There’s also the bigger picture – The first one on the other side of the table is not a professional hiring manager, sometimes not even a human. AI Robot Recruiters are widely used these days. So, this duel is not personal, and as you know the robot is’t yet responsible how you may feel. The issue is particularly important, especially because of the Corona Crisis and the lockdown resulting from the Covid19. 

It’s a duel between you and the machine. On the other side of a duel, it’s not a human – there is an AI software most probably an ATS – Application Tracking System.  A typical hiring manager can receive 500 to 1000 serious job applications and emails related to the work every day. No, it’s not like they really want to ghost you. And, if you don’t get a reply, there is no surprise. You’ve better got your own army. It is an accomplishment to make it through all of these levels, but don’t take it to heart if you don’t get the work at the end. Never fight another battle alone.

5. Don’t limit your search to submissions online

Remember that if you want a human to meet you, you need to initiate a discussion with a human. Do some research to get close to the hiring manager using LinkedIn or other networks, and contact him or her directly or through an intermediate connection. If you have an influential mentor, you may ask him to interfere with the process of applying. You may also enter the premium program that gives you access to the hidden job market – the jobs that are not publicly advertised on the major job listing websites.

Businesswoman Job Woman Job Interview Interview

6. Start networking with international success icons

Networking and connections to successful people with international backgrounds is the key to success. Check out the history and network of the advisors and choose a mentor who has already gone through the same path. An influential mentor can easily help you to bypass the screening step. Try to get multiple certificate or recommendation letters from your mentor, so that you can use them for multiple job applications accordingly.

7. Do not wait until an official job opens

If you wait until an official job opens, then you will always land on an Application tracking system. Candidates should join talent pools of favorite companies, even if there is no open current position. Those in the talent pool will be among the first to know when a relevant role opens, and could give them a competitive edge. Alternatively if you can ask your career mentor to help you apply for a job initiative.

8. Use the advantages of AI Assisted Recruitment awareness

Although the integration of AI Robot Recruiters is new and inaccurate, it has potential benefits not only for the hiring companies, but also for IT leaders looking to land their next job. AI can help eradicate human error by making sure employers only see the resumes of those who are genuinely eligible for the job.

Before AI, a recruiter may miss a resume of a potential applicant by simple error, or their own prejudice may hinder a candidate’s advancement to the next level. This is particularly a serious matter for foreign expats, immigrants, women and people moving from one field to another. AI screening systems also make it much easier for eligible applicants to be promoted more easily for hiring manager interviews, as those who are not eligible are weeded out of the process sooner.

Beyond the AI Robot Recruiters

9. Join a Group Coaching Program

There are a number of organizations that offer free group coaching to job seekers. It is usually to demonstrate their business coaching services within the context of their marketing action. The benefits are that you can enter the events, and ask the questions for free. That is like a software product trial edition. You can check the service, and you can go ahead and enter the whole program, if you like it. And if you don’t like it, there’s nothing you lose and anyway you get a free first session for free.

A good example is the Cademix Institute of Technology’s free group coaching events which targets the job market for multidisciplinary tech fields and the European market. Another advantage of joining group coaching is that you can hear the other participants asking questions. So, you can get ideas, observe them and avoid the same mistakes they made.

10. DIY vs. DFY: Which one is best for you?

Do-it-yourself or Done for you? It is a big concern in many areas. Assume you ‘re in a new city. Would you prefer to drive a rental car or take a taxi. If you’re interested in a new type of food, will you try to make food at home or first order one? Are you going to buy an exotic vegetables or try to grow them in your garden? Do you like to go to school to learn new technology or practice them all at home? Would you rent or buy an apartment or you prefer to build your own DIY-house? Will you apply for a new job on your own, or should you let a professional mentor find a job for you? There is no right or wrong answer. But you need to know that there are always options available. This all depends on your time , budget and the quality you want to achieve.

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