Fertilizer Consumption In Europe Hossein Nazarian Cademix Magezine Article

Comparison Of The European Fertilizer Consumption With The Middle East

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes In this article we discuss about fertilizers. First of all, we have tried to define fertilizers in simple words. Afterthat, comprise fertilizer consumption in European countries against middle East countries. Also we have talked around Consequences of excessive consumption fertilizers through several aspects… By Hossein Nazarian, Cademix Institute of Technology


Agricultural Education Policy

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes The purpose of this article is to express the importance of education in the field of agriculture as a policy measure…In today’s world, important steps have been taken to expand the policy of agricultural education with different economic and commercial purposes and more recently to protect the environment…

Growing in sawdust. Hossein Nazarian. Cademix Institute of Technology

Growing in Sawdust: Alternative Planting Medium in Vertical Farming

Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes In this study we examined sawdust as a media in transplant production. It is an alternative to coco peat as a conventional seedling culture media, where we specifically use it in vertical farming conditions with artificial light. We further report a series of experiments for various seeds germination. We also use innovative Irrigation and Fertigation method in our experiment.
By Hossein Nazarin, Cademix Institute of Technology

Maryam Vanaee Pectin Extraction Review Cademix Magazine Article

Pectin Extraction – A Review

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes Pectin has lately been studied for many applications in the food sector, as well as in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. In this article we review the methods for pectin extraction and their application. Extraction of pectin using various approaches has proven to be a difficult task that has yet to be solved. Recent studies on pectin extraction utilizing different with the goal of capturing the state of the art on current pectin extraction research. Different acids have been discussed in relation to extraction procedure.
By Maryam vanaee, Cademix Institute of Technology