Growing in sawdust. Hossein Nazarian. Cademix Institute of Technology

Growing in Sawdust: Alternative Planting Medium in Vertical Farming

Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes In this study we examined sawdust as a media in transplant production. It is an alternative to coco peat as a conventional seedling culture media, where we specifically use it in vertical farming conditions with artificial light. We further report a series of experiments for various seeds germination. We also use innovative Irrigation and Fertigation method in our experiment.
By Hossein Nazarin, Cademix Institute of Technology

Design Home and Apartment for Pandemic Time, Shahrbanoo (Shohreh) Rajabi, Associate 3D Generalist and Interior Designer at Cademix Institute of Technology Article Magazine

Design Home and Apartment for Pandemic Time

Estimated Reading Time: 12 minutes Since the start of coronavirus, our homes have served as temporary workplaces, schools, gyms, and clubs. Most of people are spending more time at our homes, more than ever before. Our lifestyle have changed especially throughout the Quarantine’s lengthy period. Specifically it is the case when fewer people commuting and more people working from home. Therefore, our homes have a different function. In this article, we discuss various aspects of the topic with special examples. We show a scenes of the Cademix virtual home and apartment, also how we adapt and try to design home and apartment for pandemic time.
By Shahrbanoo Rajabi, Cademix Institute of Technology.