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Cademix offers various personalized research, education, innovation as well as career and HR Service packages. The services workshops and training for public and private sectors in academia and industry. This includes interdisciplinary and flexible programs for R&D staff, faculty members, representatives from unions, employee associations, regulatory bodies and decision makers from United Nations, European Union, and National levels. Our education, training programming and custom research services aims to promote and sustain respectful learning and optimum working environments to the community at large.

Finite Element Analysis Honeycomb lightweight

Simulation Services

Cademix Custom Simualtion Service, From multiphysics simulation, multiscale and system simulation, all the way to product and process optimization......

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Explainer Videos Erklärvideos

Explainer Videos

Explaining videos are innovative, fun to watch and reach millions through social media. How do I plan a creative and...

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Explainer Videos Erklärvideos


Erklärvideos sind innovativ, lustig anzuschauen und erreichen Millionen über Social Medien.Wie plane ich ein kreatives und ansprechendes Erklärvideo? ......

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Cademix Career Center

Cademix Career Center helps jobseekers, graduates, and students to explore personalized roadmaps and pathways companonships to pursue their unique goals....

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