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The Cademix Acceleration Program offers four versatile payment plans, each thoughtfully designed to suit different client requirements. Whether individuals are exploring career transformation, business establishment, or direct entry into the job market through programs like the Career Transformer plan, Business Program, Direct Job Market Entry plan, or Acceleration Plus plan, these flexible payment options ensure accessibility and affordability.

Plan 1: Staged Payment Plan

The Staged Payment Plan is tailored for clients who prefer a structured approach. It consists of four stages:

  1. Down Payment: 10% of the base price, payable at the commencement of the program.
  2. During the Program: 30% of the base price, payable as candidates progress through the program, typically up until they receive their first interviews.
  3. Visa or Relocation Stage: 30% of the base price, payable once candidates move to another country or receive a Visa.
  4. Job Offer Stage: 30% of the base price, payable once candidates receive a job offer and income in the new position is secured.

The “Stealth Mode” option is also available in this plan for those wishing to keep their participation confidential.

This staged approach provides clients with a predictable payment schedule, allowing them to pay as they reach specific milestones, making it a suitable option for many participants in the Cademix Acceleration Program.

It’s important to note that in certain circumstances, stages 3 and 4 may occur simultaneously. For instance, if a candidate enters Europe from a non-EU country and immediately secures a job offer and salary, the payment for both these stages would be combined. In this situation, a single payment of 60% of the base price would be required, covering both the Visa or relocation stage and the job offer stage. This flexibility recognizes the unique situations that different clients may experience and ensures that the payment plan can adapt to the realities of each individual’s immigration and employment process.

Plan 2: Membership Plan

The Membership Plan at Cademix is tailored to offer continuous support throughout various career pathways. Whether you are interested in technical pathways, Weiterbildung Programs, career acceleration programs, University and study acceleration programs, or Business and startup acceleration programs, this plan adapts to your individual needs.

With a monthly tuition fee equivalent to 5% of the base price of the selected program, you gain access to the resources and support you need to advance in your field. The base price refers to the regular prices associated with individual programs at Cademix, detailed on the Cademix Center and Career Autopilot Page. Along with the monthly fee, participants agree to a 5% gross income share agreement for ten years following the completion of the program.

This plan also introduces features like Stealth Mode, allowing for confidential participation, and community service incentives. Engaging in community service activities can lead to further incentives, enhancing your overall experience with the Cademix community.

The Membership Plan is designed to be flexible, accommodating different career goals and financial situations. By linking the tuition fee to the specific program you choose, it ensures that the cost aligns with the value and objectives of your individual career journey. Whether you’re transitioning careers, accelerating your current path, or starting a new business venture, the Membership Plan offers a structured yet adaptable way to invest in your success.

Plan 3: Goal-Based Payment Plan

The Goal-Based Payment Plan is made with your achievements in mind. You pay nothing at first nor during the program. You agree to give 10% of your gross income for ten years once you get a job. This is like paying one year of your future average salary. It’s a fair deal because joining our program can move your career ahead by many years. Please note that the stealth mode is not available in this option, or if you choose to combine this option with the others. It means that you are openly discussing your success journey to motivate the others as well.

This plan is for two kinds of people. It’s for those highly talented and motivated individuals from low-income backgrounds or countries. It’s also for those who want to be sure they reach specific goals. By linking payment to success, this plan lessens financial worry. It also helps you focus on reaching your career goals. A commitment of 20-30 hours per week, including at least 30% of Cademix Community Service (CCS) with the relevant weekly report is required for this plan.

The plan’s rules are clear. Weekly reporting and community service are needed. This helps you stay committed to your success. This plan is more than a way to pay. It’s a partnership in reaching your clear and realistic goals. By focusing on your targets, the Goal-Based Payment Plan helps many people. It helps those who need financial help and those who are driven by goals. It’s a way Cademix helps you find your path to success.

Plan 4: Customized Mixed Plan

The Customized Mixed Plan is for clients who find multiple plans appealing and wish to combine them. This option allows the client to choose a mixed combination based on the three previous options so that the total weight amounts to 100%. For ease of calculation, clients are encouraged to focus on a combination of two of the three options, such as a 50/50 split between the Staged Payment Plan and the Membership Plan.


With four diverse payment plans, the Cademix Acceleration Program caters to a broad spectrum of client needs and financial circumstances. The addition of the Customized Mixed Plan ensures that clients can create a payment structure that perfectly aligns with their goals and preferences. From privacy options to community service incentives, Cademix offers pathways to success that are not only accessible and affordable but also foster a positive and engaged community. Whether a client is reinventing their career, launching a business, or entering the job market, these tailored payment options offer the flexibility and support needed to thrive.