Become a Cademix Student Recruiter &  Independent Agent (Part Time)

It is your perfect part-time job for you if you wish to help people like yourself choose a smart career pathway to study and grow in Europe.


Before you apply for this job, please make sure that you have a relatively large network of people who want to travel to Europe to study, work and continue their careers. Please also make sure that you know Cademix Programs.

Industry 4.0 Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Program includes IoT, Cyber Physical Systems, AI, 3D Printing, Factories of the Future, Mass personalization, Labor 4.0, Quality...

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How to Recruit Students ?

The international student market trend changes rapidly. Many of prospect students are aware of various career options. Some of them need clarification regarding advantages and disadvantages of each path. If you want to work as an effective Student Recruiter at Cademix, you need to have a mindset to help the students, not only during the study program, but also before the study and after the graduation.

You need to know the advantages of studying with Cademix Institute of Technology, and being capable to offer the suitable programs to each prospect. For example you need to know that a Postgraduate program in Computational Mechanics and Lightweight Engineering is a perfect option for a Mechanical Engineering Graduate.

What are the Major Selling Point?

Why smart students prefer Cademix to alternative traditional universities?

  • Insustry/Career oriented programs based on target jobs
  • Persinalized curriculum based on Your CV
  • Highest value / short program (Few weeks to few months)
  • Dual programs (major + minor)
  • Support for Finding Job / Industrial placements
  • Local support, visa support and life coaching
  • Follow up Support
Smart Home IoT Industry 4.0

Requirements and Tasks

  •  Proactive attraction and support of prospective students to apply in Cademix Programs
  • Phone or Online Contact with interested people and providing excellent support and service to potential students
  • Regular update and contact with Cademix president office.

Remuneration and Reward

The reward System is very simple. For every successful Student registration initiated, you will be rewarded by 100 EUR, flat rate. The person whom you recommended also receives 100 EUR Voucher to use as a discount on a regular program registrations or other items offered by Cademix.

Cademix 100 EUR Money Reward

How to Apply?


The Application is very simple, send your CV directly to and request and appointment.

Also include your experience as helping / consulting / advising others for study abroad.

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